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Msglitchname.gif (アネ゛デパミ゛ Anedepami?, ィ゛ゃゾ┛ Iyazo, etc.) is a glitch found in the Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version Game Boy games, much like Missingno.. It is most commonly called “'M”, since the apostrophe and capital letter M are the only typographical characters in its name. It is also called “'M Block” because its name is comprised of two glitched box-like graphics with “' M ” in the middle. 'M, and other glitch Pokémon, appear in the games due to a programming oversight.

How 'M is found[]

The most common way players encounter 'M in the Red and Blue versions of Pokémon is by doing the following:

  • Going to the northern part of Viridian City and watching the Old Man’s demonstration of how to catch a Pokémon.
  • Flying or Teleporting to Cinnabar Island or Fuchsia City.
  • Surfing up and down along the east coast of Cinnabar Island or the Seafoam Island closest to Fuchsia City until 'M appears. In Pokémon Stadium, the game saves automatically upon encountering 'M.,[1][2]
  • Alternatively, a player can also cause 'M to appear by trading a Pokémon with a friend via a link cable or with one of the in-game traders, then Flying or Teleporting to Cinnabar or the Seafoam Islands and surfing along the coast as mentioned earlier.

'M has no Pokédex description, and is not registered in the Pokédex (Though if you catch one, when it shows the information it registers as number 0.) Encountering an 'M (or another glitch Pokémon, like Missingno.) will add 129 of the sixth item in the player’s inventory. (The item’s quantity will then appear as a pixel blob until brought down to 99 or fewer.[3]) Many players take advantage of this by duplicating rare items like Master Balls and Nuggets. Catching a glitch Pokémon can mess up in-battle graphics and the Hall of Fame data. The golden rule with 'M is to NEVER send a Level 0 'M (or any level 0 Pokémon) to Bill's PC. This will cause massive problems with the PC and quite possibly erase the entire save file. This happens because Bill's PC does not know what to do with level 0 Pokémon.

Appearance and attributes[]

There are 256 available memory “slots” for Pokémon data; 'M is found in the first slot, #0. (151 other slots are real Pokémon; 47 are trainers; 38 are Missingno., and the remaining 18 are other glitches like 'M. [4])

Although it seems at first glance to be like Missingno., they are actually different glitches with many differences; for example, 'M can evolve into Kangaskhan while Missingno. cannot.

'M, like most forms of Missingno., appears as a mass of pixels in a backwards ‘L’ shape. Its icon in the Pokémon menu is also glitched, often appearing as a pixellated Surfing icon or a black blob (it changes based on the player’s location). When used in Pokémon Stadium, it looks like a Substitute doll.

Also like Missingno., 'M is often of the type Bird/Normal, knows Sky Attack and two Water Guns, has the ID number #000, does not appear in the Pokédex, and is found through the same glitches as Missingno is. However, it is not the same Pokémon. 'M and the different versions of Missingno are located in different memory slots; also, 'M has a different cry, learns Pound at level 138, and can evolve into a Kangaskhan. (Its evolution is not random: 'M’s identifier is 0 and Kangaskhan’s is 2.)[5]

When the player captures or defeats an 'M, the battle will continue. Capturing “'M” again will result in capturing a Ditto; why this happens is unknown. It is theorized that this happens because Ditto has the ability to connect to the other memory slots by using transform, and 'M may "backdoor" this effect. However, the Transform move is not exclusive to Ditto - Mew learns it too, so this theory is unlikely.

Advantages and disadvantages of 'M[]

Encountering 'M, Missingno., and other glitch Pokémon often interferes with the saved game data in various ways. Trainer and Pokémon graphics during battle are corrupted; the Hall of Fame data is extremely glitched (changes in screen color, music, and game speed have been known to occur alongside the obvious unidentifiable pixellations substituting for where your Pokémon were).

'M’s presence also allows what is known as the “Rare Candy Cheat” or “Item Duplication Cheat”, the Pokémon games’ infamous item duplication bug, which adds 129 of the sixth item in the player’s inventory. It is commonly used to duplicate valuable and hard-to-obtain items, such as Rare Candies, PP Ups, and Master Balls. However, the duplication bug can affect any item in the game, not just Rare Candies. Using the bug to duplicate Key Items is possible, allowing the player to obtain more fossils for reviving Kabuto, Omanyte, and Aerodactyl; though many do not recommend this, as the player cannot get rid of duplicated key items through “tossing” or selling, and they serve only to take up inventory space.

The coasts where 'M may be found are used for other cheats as well. If the player Surfs along the coasts after leaving an area where certain wild Pokémon appear, those Pokémon will continue to appear by the coast, even if they are not water-dwelling Pokémon. This is because Surfing along the coasts does not overwrite the data for which wild Pokémon are available, and if the player’s name has not been stored in that area through one of the procedures above, the previous wild Pokémon will appear. (see reference 4) This glitch can be used to fight Pokémon from the Safari Zone in a normal battle.

In all later Pokémon games there exists a glitch “Pokémon” similar to 'M that are obtainable through cheating devices.

Some people think that the first block in 'M’s name is different depending on which Pokémon is out. Proved with Charizards, Pidgeots and Dratinis.

Charizard 'M[]

Other in-game glitches (notably the Mew glitch) can produce the “Charizard 'M”, a Pokémon named Msglitchname.gif but with the Charizard graphic. This glitch is a different from the typical 'M, and causes significantly more damage to the game. Charizard 'M can also change all of your party Pokémon to Charizard 'M, but the moves and type do not change, and putting these "transformed" pokémon into a box makes the other Pokémon Charizard 'M also.

Depending on the circumstances, Charizard 'M can overwrite the player’s name with the letter Z, engage a new battle from the battle screen, or transform all party Pokémon into Bulbasaur.[6]

Unlike other glitch Pokémon, a Charizard 'M’s ID number is always #000 and its Original Trainer will either be blank or a set of letters partially from the player’s name. As a result, it is impossible to nickname a Charizard 'M. Its cry is static and sometimes causes the background music to end. Charizard 'M is found in all the slots from 248 to 255, not slot 0 like 'M; they are not the same glitch. Its type, like a normal Charizard’s, is Fire/Flying. (See above reference.) There are reports that Charizard 'M can be used to swap moves of Pokémon stored in the PC, depending on the order they are withdrawn. Additionally, Charizard 'M is not recognized by the game as a Pokémon in many circumstances. If a player places it in his or her party, it will render all other Pokémon invisible. (See above reference.) Furthermore, Charizard 'M cannot be healed at a Pokémon Center.

The Charizard 'M learns different attacks than a normal 'M: it learns Swords Dance at level 9, Slam at 11, TM50 (a glitch attack, not the move Substitute) at level 19, a nameless glitch attack at level 28, TM09 at level 30, Aurora Beam at 32, TM29 (another glitch, not Psychic) at level 33, Karate Chop at level 40, and Jack (apparently a glitch which reads one of the pre-loaded names for the player character or rival) at level 62. (See above reference.)

Although Charizard 'M seems to be the most common form (possibly caused by a blank spot in the party), this glitch can also appear as another Pokémon, such as Gengar, Machop, Ditto, or Butterfree. The glitch will have the same types as the normal Pokémon, but will learn very different level-up moves.

3trainerpoké in Pokémon Yellow[]


When Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition was released, the east coasts of Cinnabar Island and Seafoam Island were reprogrammed to disallow random encounters. However, some time after Yellow Version was released, a new glitch was discovered that allowed battles with any Pokémon, including 'M and Mew. This is explained in the Glitch Guide on GameFAQs’ Pokémon Yellow page

When encountering 'M in Pokémon Yellow Version, its name appears as “3trainerpokè.png,” although it is generally referred to as “3trainerpoké” for the same reason Msglitchname.gif is referred to as “'M.” or "M block". 3trainerpoké is different from the 'M of Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version: its attacks are Bubblebeam, Poison Sting, and Comet Punch. At level 1, it learns Waterfall, Waterfall (again), Comet Punch, and Vicegrip. If encountered in the wild, it is Poisoned when it first appears. Like 'M, 3trainerpoké glitches the game in various ways, can evolve into a Kangaskhan or Rhydon, changes level and stats seemingly at random, and occupies slot 0 in the memory.[7] This is why trading an 'M to Pokémon Yellow Version will result in a 3trainerpoké. Also, 3trainerpoke is seen as #176 when its stats are viewed.

In Pokémon Stadium[]

'M and Missingno. can be uploaded to Pokémon Stadium, and (if the game doesn’t freeze) will look like Substitute dolls (small Rhydon or Kangaskhan-like figures that appear when a Pokémon uses the Substitute attack). 'M’s graphic is blue and Missingno.’s is purple. When viewed in the Pokémon Center, all of 'M’s stats will be question marks (including the Pokédex species ID number, even though the Game Boy versions identify 'M and Missingno. as #000). However, 'M will not be allowed to battle, nor will it function correctly in the Gallery (in which players can take pictures of Pokémon). Photos of it will not develop if taken.

If 'M or any other glitch Pokémon is selected in the “see list”, the game will freeze, playing the music without the bass track in the background. If a player tries to view 'M’s stats, the game will also freeze on occasion.[8]

The second generation[]

'M cannot be traded to Pokémon Gold Version or Pokémon Silver Version because it does not exist in the code for these games. In the trade center, 'M appears as either a Slowpoke or Tyrogue. When the players try to trade 'M, a message appears stating “Your friend’s ['M’s name] appears to be abnormal.” and the trade is cancelled automatically. Less often, 'M can be traded, in which case it turns into the Pokémon it was displayed as.[9]

Similar problems present themselves when attempting to transfer 'M or Missingno. to Pokémon Stadium 2 (USA). If successfully transferred, 'M and Missingno. will become a Ditto.[10]


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