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Ōkami is a third-person action adventure game created by the now disbanded Clover Studio. It was originally created solely for the PlayStation 2, but despite Clover Studio's closure in 2006, a port was created by Ready at Dawn for the Wii. Ōkami is often compared to Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess because of similarities in gameplay, stemming mainly from the fact that both games feature a wolf as the main character. It has a sequel, Ōkamiden.

Ōkami is set in Feudal Japan. It tells the story of how the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, saves the land of Japan from a dark curse brought on by the eight-headed demon, Orochi. The art style is reminiscent of sumi-e combined with more clearly defined cel-shaded visuals. The gameplay also references Japanese art with its use of what is called in game as the Celestial Brush. This is a gestural system in the form of brush on a tilted rendering of the scene that is occurring in-game, which you then draw on top of to perform certain actions or defeat foes.

Ōkami was one of the final major releases for the PlayStation 2. It sold poorly, but was heralded by critics due to its unique art style and gameplay.