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Basic Information

1080p is the shorthand name for a category of video modes. The number 1080 represents 1,080 lines of vertical resolution, while the letter p stands for progressive scan or non-interlaced. 1080p is considered a High-Definition video mode. The term usually assumes a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, implying a horizontal (display) resolution of 1,920 pixels across and a frame resolution of 1920 × 1080, or exactly 2,073,600 pixels. The frame rate in hertz (Hz) can be either implied by the context or specified after the letter p, such as 1080p30, meaning 30 frames per second.

1080p is sometimes referred to in marketing materials as "True High-Definition" or "Full High-Definition". Although 2K/4K digital cinema technology is commercially available, and ultra-high definition video is now available to the consumer, 1080p and 1080i are currently the most widely-used high-resolution formats in both broadcasting and for consumer distribution of video content.

Common resolutions[]

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