Codex Gamicus

Notable events[]

  • A number of games programmed in BASIC can be found in the DECUS library back-up tapes. Unfortunately, most games do not include the name of the programmer or the date when the program was written.[1]
  • SEGA released Jet Rocket, an electro-mechanical combat flight simulator featuring cockpit controls that could move the player aircraft around a landscape displayed on a screen and shoot missiles onto targets that explode when hit.[2]
  • SEGA's electro-mechanical Missile game was released in North America as S.A.M.I. by Midway.[3]

Video game releases[]

Name Release Date Category Region(s) Platform(s)
Jet Rocket August, 1970 Electro-mechanical North America Arcade
Jet Rocket 1970 Electro-mechanical Japan Arcade

Hardware releases[]

Name Release Date Category Region(s)