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Events[edit | edit source]

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts hosts the 2nd annual BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards
  • March – Game Over republished as “Game Over: Press Start to Continue”
  • March 15–19 — Game Developers Conference (formerly Computer Game Developers Conference); moves to San Jose, California where it stays for six consecutive years; hosts the 1st annual Independent Games Festival
  • March 15 — Gama Network hosts the 1st annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) at GDC
  • May 13–15 — 5th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3); the 2nd annual Game Critics Awards for the Best of E3
  • May 13 — Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences hosts 2nd Annual Interactive Achievement Awards (at E3); inducts Sid Meier of Firaxis to the AIAS Hall of Fame
  • July 3 — Gamer Billy Mitchell scores a perfect 3,333,360 points on the Pac-Man arcade game
  • Team Fortress 2 is announced for release during the year, but gets delayed until 2007.
  • July 21 during the Macworld Conference & Expo, Steve Jobs announced that Halo: Combat Evolved would be released for Mac OS and Windows simultaneously. Before this public announcement, game industry journalists under a non-disclosure agreement had previewed the game in a private showing during E3 1999.

Notable releases[edit | edit source]

Video game platforms
DC Dreamcast
GBC Game Boy Color
N64 Nintendo 64
PS1 PlayStation / PSone
Win Microsoft Windows

Hardware[edit | edit source]

  • Nintendo's Game Boy Light (GBL) handheld console in Japan only
  • Sega Dreamcast, an Internet-ready 128-bit home console
  • SNK's Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld
  • Tiger Electronics Game.com Pocket Pro handheld

Business[edit | edit source]

  • Activision acquires Elsinore Multimedia, Expert Software, and Neversoft Entertainment
  • Infogrames Entertainment SA acquires Accolade, Gremlin Interactive (renamed Infogrames Sheffield House), GT Interactive Software (GTIS), and Ozisoft
  • Take-Two Interactive acquires TalonSoft
  • ZeniMax Media acquires Bethesda Softworks
  • 3d6 Games, Inc. founded (closes November 1, 2002)
  • 7 Studios founded
  • BAM! Entertainment, Inc. founded
  • Bohemia Interactive Studio founded
  • February 22 — "Black Monday" (or "Chainsaw Monday"): Sierra reorganizes to cut costs, closing several studios.
  • April — Liquid Entertainment founded
  • October — 7FX founded as subsidiary of a Czech company

Lawsuits[edit | edit source]

  • Nintendo v. Bung Enterprises Ltd.; Nintendo sues Bung over patent infringement
  • Sony Corporation v. Bleem LLC

Video game releases[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date Category Region(s) Platform(s)

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Hardware releases[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date Category Region(s)
64DD December 1, 1999 Peripheral Japan
Dreamcast October 14, 1999 Home Console Europe
Dreamcast September 9, 1999 Home Console North America
Dreamcast Controller October 14, 1999 Controller Europe
Dreamcast Controller September 9, 1999 Controller North America
Dreamcast Dial-Up Modem October 14, 1999 Modem Europe
Dreamcast Dial-Up Modem September 9, 1999 Modem North America
Dreamcast Keyboard September 9, 1999 Keyboard North America
Game Boy Color 1999 Handheld Europe
Neo Geo Pocket Color March 16, 1999 Handheld Undefined
PocketStation January 23, 1999 Peripheral, Microconsole Japan
Transfer Pak April 30, 1999 Peripheral Japan
Visual Memory Unit October 14, 1999 Peripheral, Microconsole, Memory Card Europe
Visual Memory Unit September 9, 1999 Peripheral, Microconsole, Memory Card North America