2000 in video gaming

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Events[edit | edit source]

Hardware[edit | edit source]

Business[edit | edit source]

Lawsuits[edit | edit source]

  • Nintendo of America, Sega America, Electronic Arts, Inc v. Yahoo!, Inc.; The lawsuit is over piracy negligence and profiting from counterfeit video game products sold on Yahoo! Auctions. The lawsuit is fully dropped in 2001 in order to cooperate against piracy.
  • Nintendo commits over USD$80 million to issuing gloves to over 1,000,000 children after numerous reports of serious hand injuries from the controllers while playing certain stages of Mario Party (for N64).

Notable releases[edit | edit source]

North American release dates:

Video game releases[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date Category Region(s) Platform(s)

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Hardware releases[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date Category Region(s)
Neo Geo Pocket Color June 13, 2000 Handheld Undefined
PlayStation 2 November 30, 2000 Home Console Australia
PlayStation 2 November 24, 2000 Home Console Europe
PlayStation 2 March 4, 2000 Home Console Japan
PlayStation 2 October 26, 2000 Home Console North America
Transfer Pak December 31, 2000 Peripheral Europe
Transfer Pak February 29, 2000 Peripheral North America