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3000th Duel is a single-player action-adventure game developed and published by NEOPOPCORN Corp. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on December 13, 2019, then it was later on released for the Nintendo Switch on February 19, 2020.


In this game, the player controls a ninja-like protagonist who has to fight against monsters with their own style of battle to travel an unidentified world and discover a secret hidden. Using the aspects of discovered weapons, the player can encounter 150+ monsters and final bosses.

The player can collect Occults spread all over the map to use the Forbidden Magic. It is possible to build each player's main character into one's preferred battle type by using Occults and items found during the route.


  • Blade-based attacks with an advantage of fast attack speed
  • Sword-based attacks with massive-damaging attack
  • Lance-based attacks with a long reach and strategic gameplay

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