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Logo 64DD.jpg
Nintendo 64DD
64DD with Nintendo64.jpg
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Console Add On
Release Date December 1, 1999 (JP)
Media N64DD Cartridge
Save Format Controller Pak
Input Options Nintendo 64 Controller
Special Features RANDnet
Units Sold 15,000
Top Selling Game
Competitor(s) PlayStation
Sega Saturn
Predecessor Nintendo 64
Successor None

The Nintendo 64DD (with DD short for Disk Drive) was an add-on to the Nintendo 64, released only in Japan after years of speculation and broken release dates. It had very little to no support from Nintendo, combined with its late release. Only 15,000 units were sold and only nine games were made for it, making it a commercial failure.

Launch Games

  • Kyojin no Doshin 1
  • Mario Artist: Paint Studio


The whole purpose of the 64DD is to play online games, which the original N64 didn't utilize. The 64DD is plugged into the underside of the N64, where the EXTension port is.

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