Codex Gamicus

A-Sock-Ellipse Now! was the result of a contest ran by Astral Entertainment to make more games in their Pea-Guy series. It contains 3 games.

The first game, The Magic Land, is a tactical RPG with an exploration mode that works similar to action games, except when enemies are encountered it goes to a hexagonal battlefield and combat is played turn-by-turn. The plot of The Magic Land is that the hero, Pea-Guy and 3 of his friends have been teleported to a distant land, and must now defeat the wizard that rules that land.

The second game, The Secret of Coolness, plays as a 3D third-person shooter with the addition of a puzzle element where on each level you need to push down a series of buttons to progress. Also ammo is limited, so the player has to dodge as much as he shoots. Between levels are humorous 3D cinemas. The plot of this game is that the Nasty Lord WitchyWitch steals Pea-Guy's sunglasses to be as cool as he is, and now Pea-Guy needs to get them back.

The third game, Defeating Dr. Robotica is also a 3D 3rd-person shooter, but a more typical one as the player has a health percentage and lots of ammo, rather than lives and limited ammo like the previous game. There are many different types of enemy on every level. The plot of this game is that Pea-Guy is attacking the castle of the Nasty Lord Dr. Robotica.

In addition to 3 games there is a ~15 minute mini-movie where Pea-Guy and a friend The Mortuator go on a quest to find The Mortuator's brother.