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AIII S.V.: A Ressha de Ikou 3 Super Version (A III S.V. A列車で行こう3 スーパーバージョン,? "A III SV A Super-version of A-Train 3") is a Super Famicom[2] railroad simulation where players must build railroads throughout Japan. Like all the other games in the A-Train series, this video game combines the best elements of Railroad Tycoon and SimCity into one package. This game simulates a working rail-based mass transit system as opposed to an inter-city railroad network (even though the rails do go to neighboring cities once they leave the edge of the game's map).

A lot of tracks must go through rural areas delivering passengers and cargo while using a limited amount of resources. Materials (symbolized by white crates) must be delivered to other train stations (built by the player) that will allow the construction and immigration to truly begin. Mode 7 scenery shows detailed houses, farms, towns, and even cities with a high level of detail. Land must be bought from the government and then sold to the people so that development can take place. Making a profit and guiding the growth and development of a city is possible as players have the ability to send construction equipment that will build profit-earning ventures like apartments, theme parks, stadium, hotels, and even airports.

In addition to railroads, the player can use create roads and bus stops in order to increase the passengers on his or her railway service. The player's role in developing the land can be a two-edged sword, however, as stray railroad lines can accidentally destroy houses (sometimes irrevocably).


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