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AMF Bowling Pinbusters! is a bowling sports-based video game. It was released on Wii on November 20, 2007 and was released in America on the Nintendo DS on July 7, 2008.

Wii Version[]

The Wii controller allows the player to mimic real bowling by using typical bowling movements. The game environment offers mirrored balls, hot neon lights, and strobe effects. Several mini games are available such as Obstacles and Pool Bowl.

Players can choose from eight unique characters, such as the Surfer, the Drill Sergeant, Punk Rock Girl, the Cowgirl, and the Rapper – each with their own personality.

DS Version[]

In the DS version, which is developed by Vir2L Studios, there are 12 different characters and many different locations. Each character has his/her own special move, which is built up using "Psyche" meter. There are four gameplay modes: World Cup, Precision, Duckpins, and Practice. In addition to these gameplay modes, the DS version also supports several multiplayer modes; pass-and-play, wireless, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


Like some past bowling titles developed by Mud Duck Productions, the Wii version of the game was universally panned by critics. One common complaint was that the game lacked an option to play left-handed. IGN gave the game a two out of ten, complaining about the offensive stereotypes and terrible gameplay, and pointed out that Wii Sports had a better bowling simulation for free. Gamesradar gave the game a four out of ten, stating, "It is, as a whole, considerably worse than what is one fifth of Wii Sports - in look, execution and enjoyment."

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