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Ace Combat Infinity is a free-to-play arcade flight game released in May 2014 for the PlayStation 3. It is the latest entry in the Ace Combat series.


The player is flying as a character known as Reaper, number 4 in the Bone Arrow Squadron, 20 years after the catastrophic Ulysses Disaster. A terrorist organization has cropped up in the years following, and the United Nations is now utilizing mercenary forces to assist in their worldwide efforts to stop these terrorists.


The gameplay of Infinity is noted for being more true to the series than Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. In fact, Dogfight Mode was completely scrapped from player gameplay in Infinity.


Multi-player is a big aspect of Infinity. Players take part in "Online Co-Op Missions", a "competitive co-operative" gameplay mode in which players separate into two teams and aim to destroy the most targets. Players are fighting for themselves, their team, and the overall destruction of the enemies on the map.