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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is a game released for the Intellivision. The game was the first fully-licensed Dungeons and Dragons video game. Its original working title was Adventure, which it bears on the Intellivision Lives collection for the PC.


Your object is to acquire the two halves of the ancient Crown of Kings, hidden deep within the caverns of the legendary Cloudy Mountain. To reach the treasure you must cross a hostile land. The obstacles are numerous. Your resources are courage, cunning and three arrows. The rest you must find and fight to obtain. If you survive the wasteland and the creatures of the caves, you will have traveled out of danger into even greater peril. For each half of the Crown of Kings is guarded by terror - the Winged Dragons keep their endless watch.


The player moves through a constantly-changing maze full of creatures, dangers, weapons, and objects in order to reach his objective.


A similar game to this, called Tunnels & Trolls, was advertised in promotional literature by Coleco as an upcoming ColecoVision game. Some minor work was done on this game, but it was never completed or released.