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Adventures of Lolo 3 is a puzzle game released in 1991 by HAL Corporation for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the Japanese Eggerland video game series. It was the third and final installment of the Adventures of Lolo series released in the U.S. This game included some new additions to gameplay.

In Japan, this game was released as The Adventures of Lolo 2 because Adventures of Lolo was not released in Japan. Additionally, the Japanese version of the game had a different difficulty curve, different stages, and Moby (the whale-like creature) appeared in Level 9 instead of Level 11.

For more information on how to play this game, see the Eggerland series article.


From the Adventures of Lolo 3 manual:

Lolo, Lala and their friends have lived peacefully for many years, ever since the defeat of the Great Devil (in The Adventures of Lolo 2). But suddenly his son and heir, the new King of Eggerland, launched a hollow capsule filled with a strange potion that turns the inhabitants of Lolo and Lala's tiny kingdom to stone. Only Lolo and Lala, basking in the sun at the edge of the lake between the two kingdoms, were spared this horrible fate. Brave in the face of adversity, our hero and heroine set out together to defeat the evil King and cast off his spell. Only you can help our brave pair now...

Game information[]

The player has the ability to select between playing as Lolo or Lala in the levels. Neither character has any advantage over the other, however. Two changes to the gameplay included the crumbling bridge, which is a bridge that can only be crossed two times before it crumbles into nothingness. The other change was a new monster called Moby. Mobies only appear in the underwater levels and use a line of sight attack that sucks Lolo in towards them. Though not directly a fatal attack, it can cause Lolo to get stuck and have to restart the room.

When pressing select to give up, Lolo does not actually die this time. Instead, a short "give up" tune plays and the level restarts. Pressing Start will return the player to the overworld map. Pressing start again reveals the password to that point in the game. Adventures of Lolo 3 uses 16 character passwords instead of 4 character ones.

The game features a total of 17 levels with 100 different puzzle rooms, 9 boss rooms, and 10 training rooms. Levels 3, 13, and 17 have 10 rooms each. The other levels only have 5 rooms. Levels 4-7, 9-12, and 17 have a boss at the end. The two big trees on the overworld map are where the training rooms are, each tree having five rooms each.


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