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Age of Empires III is the story of The Black family. There are three campaigns. They are Blood, the story of Morgan Black, the first Black to step foot on the Americas. The next is Ice, the story of John Black, a mercenary leader. The third is Steel, the story of Amelia Black, the owner of the Falcon Railroad Company. All along the way the Black family fights the Circle of Ossus, a group of men who try to find the fountain of youth, which Morgan Black finds. Oddly enough in the War Chiefs expansion it does not mention the circle even though it includes three members five members of the black family.


The ages in the game are Discovery, Colonial, Fortress, Industrial, and Imperial. These ages are based from the time of the birth of New World colonization to the western times. Each upgrade from the last costs food, coin, or wood. Each upgrade also means obtaining buildings, settlers, or troops.

Playable Countries[]

Some of the playable leaders and countries without expansion packs include;

  • Ivan the Terrible; leader of the Russians
  • Napoleon; leader of the French
  • Queen Elizabeth; leader of the British
  • Henry the Navigator; leader of the Portuguese
  • Frederick the Great; leader of the Germans
  • Suleiman; leader of the Ottomans
  • Queen Isabella; leader of the Spanish
  • Maurice of Nassau; leader of the Dutch

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