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Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

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Cheat Codes[]

While in a game, either campaign or scenario, press Control + Shift + S, and then after you hear the tone, type in the following codes:

Code Effect
gold gives 1000 gold
mana gives 1000 mana
fog eliminates Fog of War
research researches all spells
win automatically win scenario
freemove allows you to move without penalty
upgradehero boosts your hero(es) a level the next time you advance a turn
emergehero summons a new hero for your forces
spells fills in all spells in your spellbook
instantprod all town production and spells are build/cast instantly
lose Lose current mission/level
explore Allows you to explore the entire map
instantres Instant research
ai Change computer's control on your team
towns View all towns
cityspy Allows you to spy on enemies