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Airburst is a 2001 Mac OS game developed by Strange Flavour and published by Freeverse. On October 25, 2007, it was announced for Xbox Live Arcade game for the Xbox 360. There is currently no release date for the Xbox 360 release but the game is available for testing on Partnernet, the private Xbox 360 developer site.[1]


The game has been described as "an inverted version of Pong",[2] in which players divert a "deadly chainsaw-bladed burster ball" with a paddle towards other players' platforms, which are made of balloons. Each player is armed with a bat which can be used to deflect the ball away from their balloons and towards their opponents.[3] There are also a host of power-ups that affect gameplay. The XBLA version uses ReplicaNet for online play.[4]

Airburst Extreme[]

An enhanced version was released in 2004 for Mac OS X as Airburst Extreme.


There are four playable characters, and six additional characters (four new protagonists and two new antagonists) in Airburst Extreme.

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