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This should not be confused with game Airline Tycoon

Airport Tycoon is an business simulation game, released for Windows 95/98 in 2000. It was developed in the United Kingdom by Krisalis Software (now defunct). In Airport Tycoon, the player must successfully manage an airport, without going bankrupt. There have been two sequels created for Airport Tycoon: Airport Tycoon 2 and Airport Tycoon 3.


Airport Tycoon was originally called Airport Inc. and Air Mogul. A week before publishing, Krisalis Software changed the name to Airport Tycoon in some markets, a more catchy title. However, the game calls itself Air Mogul because of inadequate time to change the software, and is sold in PAL as Airport Inc.'. Krisalis became defunct shortly after publishing Airport Tycoon.


Similar to other games of the type, the player takes the form of an airport manager, first selecting a location for their airport from several cities around the world before beginning their airport. The player then constructs a terminal for passengers, then runways, tarmac, control towers and support services.

The player then attracts businesses to their airport — signing contracts with vendors in the terminal and contracting flights into and out of the airport. The player also manages the airport's budget, which can not operate too deeply in the red. Players can operate passenger airports and cargo airports with different considerations for each.

A number of pre-set scenarios are also available to the player, including the conversion of a major cargo airport to a passenger airport in Riyadh.


The game was poorly received by critics. Frequent criticisms included difficulty of gameplay, substandard graphics and confusing controls. It received a 62/100 score from PC Gamer, 3/10 from IGN, among other rankings.

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