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One of the more famous airships, the Highwind from Final Fantasy VII

The Delphinus from Skies of Arcadia; in Skies, airships could fight each other

A method of overworld transportation arguably pioneered by the Final Fantasy series of games, an airship is a boat that flies in the air. Some airships are even capable of flying through space, e.g. to the moon.

Airships can employ any of numerous propulsion methods, from propellers to jet engines to magic. The airship is commonly regarded as a symbol of power, and in many games, the point where the player receives an airship is the point where his characters change from "a group of rag-tag rebels" to "a powerful vigilante force to be reckoned with."

Some airships are so large that the player has the option of playing inside the airship. Game services like inns and item shops can even be rendered inside these airships.

Notable Airships[]

  • Black Jack - Final Fantasy 6
  • Highwind - Final Fantasy 7
  • Ragnarok - Final Fantasy 8
  • Little Jack - Skies of Arcadia
  • Delphinus - Skies of Arcadia

Mario series[]

Airships have also been used by King Bowser and his army in games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and more recently, Super Mario Galaxy.