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Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou (アルバートオデッセイ2 邪神の胎動 Aruberto Odesei Tsu Jashin no Taidou?, lit. Albert Odyssey 2: Sign of the Devil) is a tactical role-playing video game developed and published by Sunsoft for the Super Famicom and released in December 1994. It is the sequel to the original Albert Odyssey and retains many of the same gameplay and story elements while featuring enhanced graphics and battle features.

The game is set ten years after the previous title and follows the story of Dean, a young warrior who is enthralled by the exploits of the hero Albert who saved the world a decade earlier from an evil magician. Setting off on his own journey to investigate the conflict, Dean becomes entangled in an adventure of his own while meeting characters from the previous game. He soon learns that the world is once again in danger from an ancient evil god known as Okutoba, and must become a hero himself to stop him from throwing the world into darkness.



A typical battle sequence

Like its predecessor, Albert Odyssey 2 is a traditional strategy-based role-playing game featuring two-dimensional character and background graphics. While towns and other safe areas are presented in a top-down fashion where players can move about freely, the game's overworld and dungeons take the appearance of a grid-like strategy board filled with monsters and other enemies. Using the Super Famicom's Mode 7 graphics function, environments can scroll and zoom smoothly based on the player's point of view, and give the appearance of three-dimensions. Players advance the game's story by taking part in large-scale battles and interacting with non-player characters.

The battle system in Albert Odyssey 2 has been modified slightly from the original. While players can still move in eight directions to engage opponents, the size of many battlefields, as well as the number of enemies represented, as been reduced, with the entire system becoming more streamlined. Characters move about the battle environment using a turn-based system where enemies and the player's party take turns attacking in phases, with one entire side acting before another. On a player's turn, characters may move, fight, use a magic attack, use an item from their inventory, or retreat to a nearby safe location. Battle are won when an entire enemy party has been defeated, yielding experience points that allow characters to gain levels and become stronger as well as give access to new abilities. Players record their progress using the game cartridge's built-in battery back-up system by accessing pre-set save points during gameplay.

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