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Albert Wesker
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It's one thing to fight a horrific viral outbreak alongside teammates; it's another thing entirely to completely abandon them when they need you most. Worse still, it's downright despicable to turn out to be one of the causes of the bio-toxin. Wesker isn't just a corporate suit pulling strings behind the scenes; he's also a willing participant in his mutation, having willingly experimented on himself with the T-Virus and its numerous variations to become less than human. Resident Evil fans know that whenever Wesker shows up, trouble isn't far behind.


Albert Wesker is the only survivor of the Wesker experiment. He was engineered and conditioned to be the first of a new breed of humanity, which Ozwell Spencer would rule with the Progenitor Virus. A child prodigy, Albert started working for Umbrella Corporation in 1978 alongside William Birkin. During research on the Nemesis parasite, Wesker planned to take the credit for Umbrella France's output. In 1995, Wesker was transferred to Umbrella's secret service.


After a rash of domestic terrorism, Wesker formed the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) unit of the Raccoon City Police Department in 1996. In the spring and summer of 1998, a rash of "cannibal murders" occurred in the forests around Raccoon City, and Wesker dispatched his STARS teams to investigate. He knew the truth behind the attacks: the T-virus had been released in the Spencer laboratory, and he would use his team to test the combat effectiveness of Umbrella's Bio-Organic Weapons. In the early morning of July 25, Wesker unleashed the B.O.W. Tyrant, which promptly skewered him and attacked the STARS Alpha Team members.


Prior to releasing the Tyrant, Wesker had infected himself with what is most likely the Progenitor virus. He survived having his major organs punched out through his back, regenerated, and escaped the mansion before it exploded. Presumed dead, Wesker would work against Umbrella and the surviving STARS members. He next appeared on Rockfort Island to take the T-Veronica virus from Alexia Ashford. Unfortunately, Alexia wasn't there; Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield, was, though.

Wesker subsequently then went to Umbrella's Antarctic facility to find Alexia and T-Veronica. While there, he fought Chris and found that Alexia had used T-Veronica and a fifteen-year cryogenic stasis to become almost as powerful as Wesker.

Wesker is directly responsible for the fall of Umbrella. He infiltrated Umbrella's Russian facility and stole data from the facility's main computer while Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine fought the T-A.L.O.S. bioweapon. He anonymously brought that data to the attention of the world, and Umbrella was quickly shut down.

Years later, Wesker confronted Ozwell Spencer and learned about his childhood, how he was used. Spencer claimed that he has "the right to become a god" thanks to the Progenitor virus, but Wesker impaled him on his own hand, killing him just before Chris and Jill arrived. Jill tackled Wesker through the window and they fell down the cliffside into the mist below. They both survived, and Wesker turned Jill into a brainwashed servant.


Wesker, now consumed with delusions of godhood, started working covertly with Tricell Pharmaceuticals to develop and deploy the bioweapon code-named "Uroboros." Chris and his BSAA partner Sheva Alomar thwarted his plans, bringing down his bomber into the heart of a volcano. Infected with Uroboros and his own cellular structure collapsing due to an overdose of PG67A/W serum, Wesker transformed into an Uroboros monster. Chris and Sheva escaped in a helicopter and fired two RPGs into Wesker's face while he was waist-deep in lava.

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