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Alganon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) designed by David Allen, developed by Arizona-based Quest Online. Alganon was previously called "Crusade". Alganon is subscriber-based, requiring an active Internet connection. The game was released December 1, 2009.


Alganon plans for traditional MMORPG gameplay similar to that found in most current MMORPG.

Alganon will feature two races in total (one on each side of the conflict) and a current total of four classes. There are two main continents: Ardonya and Harraja.


Group sizes will come in three tiers: Group, Legion, and Battalion. The Group consists of a maximum of six player characters. The Legion consists of a maximum of six groups (36 players). The Battalion consists of a maximum of six Legions (216 players). Group-wide communication (in-game texting and voice-chat) is planned for each tier.[1]


Alganon plans for a Dual Role skill system. Skills are planned to increase with use similar to traditional MMOGs, but advancement will be capped based on a real-time metric. Skill gains are planned to also be trained offline, similar to Eve Online. In this hybrid model, players will be able to actively increase their skills, but not at such a pace that they will permanently outstrip less active players. This is designed to allow more casual players to remain competitive without being online.

Managed Skills
Managed skills are those that are raised based on use either via swinging a sword, or building shields.

Level Capped Managed Skills
You will reach a limit before having to upgrade to the next skill title before continuing progression again.

Unmanaged Skills
These are skills that do not have a value associated with them - you simply know them or not, such as the ability to wear chain armor.

Dual Roles[]

Endgame group combat will be very role-driven. Upon entering combat, each group member will know their basic role (kill, heal, protect, control). However, classes in Alganon are not restricted to a single role. Each character class has a primary role, and can choose one of three secondary roles.



Alganon will boast a family system that will assign each new player to their family upon creation. This will serve as a starting social framework and a vehicle for new character interaction. Active participation in a family will be voluntary. Families are also a way to contact a fellow player without having to know their first name. Players can join a guild as well.

The character can aid in the growth of his family's wealth and power or ignore his bonds to the family and focus on his guild. The primary purpose of this family name is to allow for interaction and reputation for the player (the human being sitting at the keyboard) instead of just the displayed character.

  • The Family feature is a community enhancing mechanism built to bring people together as they begin the game.
  • Families are pretty simple, just "groups" of people. Each family has a name and a history.
  • Families are predefined for each race. Players can switch families for a fee/quest, but only between families for a race. A Kodian cannot join a Human family.
  • Families are designed to attract different types of gamers. This way power gamers can be in the same family and casual gamers can be in another family.
  • Trial Accounts have access to all family features
  • Families will have: Family Chat, Family Merchants, Statistics, Grouped "Themes" - "Crafter, Achiever, etc."
  • Players can actively communicate with family members, offering help as soon as a new player enters the game
  • Characters can purchase family Heirlooms that directly define status within a family and change the way a character looks

The Library[]

Alganon plans to incorporate a grand library into the world. This will serve as a central on-line, in-game repository of all known items, spells, NPCs, and other content, updating in real time per server as it is discovered by players. Game mechanics are planned to encourage exploration of the world and accumulation of knowledge through tangible rewards. Also, the library is planned to highlight the accomplishments of all Families, and to periodically reward the most accomplished with a dynastic title, i.e. 'The FamilyName Dynasty' - reflecting the preeminence of that family.[2]

The capital cities contain one grand library each. Players contribute to the library at these locations, however, view access to the library is available anywhere in the game. The Library records not only facts about the game, but Legends of the greatest warriors of Alganon. These Leaderboards record things like largest damage done, richest player, most library scryings, etc. Since the reward for contributing is based on player action (time since last scrying), the library system gives players an "unspoken quest" to go seek out a "rarely scryed" object.

  • An online social-networking site that can be used by players of all online games.
  • Ties directly into game data from Alganon with the Library system. Able to access this data both in-game and on MyAlganon.
  • Guild Communication - MyAlganon provides webspace for guilds.
  • Groups/Forums/News - all provide ways to enhance your experience with Alganon.
  • The online gateway to the Alganon Library system.


Alganon allows a player to grow their characters over time through a progressive time-based advancement method. Whether you are online or offline, selected skills will slowly advance. The more skills selected for active advancement, the slower they will advance overall.

  • Allows players who cannot play every day to still advance their characters
  • Allow characters to grow over time at the same rate as all other players
  • Provides an underlying system allowing casual gamers to compete with hardcore gamers

There has, however, been substantial outcry on blogs and forums about new players never being able to fully catch up to the ones that started with the release, and questioning of how important Quest Online intends to make the study system.

In-Game Atlas[]

Alganon has an atlas with a tight fog-of-war feature. To explore an area, the player will need to go to that specific place.

World History[]

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The world of Alganon has two known continents: Ardonya and Harraja. Each is home to an organization that is opposed to the other.


Ardonya is the home continent of the Asharr. Their capital city is Asheran, centrally located to Ardonya. Other major cities include Aeon, located on a westward island, and Haderos, located to the northeast.


Harraja is the home continent of the Kujix. Their capital city is Xanjuix Karr, centrally located to Harraja. Other major cities include Oggath to the east, and Trazsha to the northwest.



Founded in 122 DE by the third Emperor of Ardonya Auis Talon Kesranu I, the Asharr were created to act as the elite protectorate for all of Ardonya, built to serve the Empire, the people, and to preserve the culture and way of life that had been created. Their culture is very refined and sophisticated. They prefer lighter materials, bright emblems, and bright reflective surfaces. They prefer things that are clean and pleasing to the eye. These warriors of Peace and Order entered into the world quietly, mixing with the soldiers and civilians of the Empire, only showing themselves when their services of exceptional swordsmanship or magical abilities were needed.

The Asharr are dedicated to studying arcane and combative arts. Sworn enemies to the Kujix. The Asharr faction are the protectors of Ardonya. They believed said protection came by way of order, discipline, power, and control. This refined and sophisticated group embraces the ways of light, nature, heart, and mind. It is said that the more powerful a member of the Asharr, the brighter their eyes glow.

The races currently following the Asharr ways are: Human, Sylvain, Dronar, and Kodian.


In the ancient tongue, the word Kujix roughly translates as "teacher," and when the Talrok were created and tasked to go teach the true message of the gods, they did so under the banner of Kujix. When the The War of Darkness pulled the Talrok from ther task and focused their attention on battling the Gargantuak, the word fell from use and, like much of the Ancient tongue, was nearly forgotten.

Created in the fifth age of Alganon by the emperor of Xanjuix Karr. The Kujix, the sworn enemy to the Asharr, feel power is obtained by conquest, and conflict naturally determines the strong from the weak. The Kujix organization protects their home of Harraja. The Kujix are very ethical people - they will stand by their honor even if it means creating suffering for themselves or for others. They see death as a natural part of life, and seek to use its power to create a perfect Alganon.

The Kujix believe strength was obtained through domination, deception, manipulation. Kujix architecture tends to utilize dark stone and crystals in their structures, and harness the power of subterranean sources such as volcanoes. It is said the more powerful a member of the Kujix, the more darkness emanates from their eyes.

The races currently following the Kujix ways are: Talrok, Vesperling, Ogre, Fiend.

Races and classes[]


Alganon currently features one race and four classes for each side.[3]

Race: Human

Race: Talrok

The Talrok are a dark race of deceptive humanoids.


There are a total of four classes in Alganon, with more planned for future development. The others are said to be in hiding and will reveal themselves to the world at a time of their choosing.


Soldiers are the main warriors of the game. They specialize in Weaponry, Tactics, and Defense, and are able to deal damage and protect others, as well as being able to wield a variety of weapons. Soldiers use the "rage" resource, generated automatically during battle, to use special attacks.


Rangers are mainly ranged, using pets, or companions, to keep enemies at bay. They also use tracking and traps.


Healers do exactly what their name implies, keeping others alive. They also have offensive abilities, Words and Touches of power.


Magi specialize in using the elements, specifically Flame, Frost, and Storm, to attack enemies. They are also generally fragile, and don't hold up well in close combat.

Legal Controversy[]

"Alganon" has been criticized for its numerous similarities to a released MMORPG, World of Warcraft. It is claimed that several names and large portions of the user interface, AI, and environment have been directly copied or hardly changed.[4][5] It has also been stated that the character creation screen is extremely similar to that of World of Warcraft.[6]

Art similarities have also been raised; an example is how the blood elf haircut from World of Warcraft appears to be literally copied and pasted.

When confronted by these accusation, David Allen didn't deny any wrongdoing and insisted that players want a familiar UI.[7]



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