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Alliance of Valiant Arms (Korean: 아바) (abbreviated to A.V.A) is a free-to-play online First Person Shooter developed by REDDUCK and distributed by Neowiz.[1] The game was released on October 23, 2007. Significant graphical updates took place on November 12, 2008.

On June 2, 2009, it was announced that ijji acquired A.V.A for North American and European audiences, scheduled for a closed-beta release September 23, 2009. The open-beta began on October 14, 2009. The official live release was on Nov 11, 2009. [2]


A.V.A Screenshot (UMP 45 on PYRAMID)

A.V.A is based on a fictional war between the EU (European Union) and the NRF (Neo-Russian Federation). It is an online first-person shooter. From the store menu, purchases of weapons, attachments, armor, helmets and skill upgrades can be made using in-game currency. All of these have a durability meter which lowers as they are used more in-game. A.V.A uses radio chat system. Voice commands are context sensitive. Players can choose between side-specific voices (EU will speak English in radio messages, while the NRF will speak Russian) or the localized voices.

Weapons are able to be customized by a variety of attachments that can be bought from the store menu, such as PEQ-2 systems, silencers, grips and scopes. However, not all weapons can be equipped with certain attachments, and some weapons cannot be customized at all. Suppressors can only be used on Submachine guns, and some handguns although there is a sniper rifle with an inbuilt suppressor. Assault rifles and Sub-machine guns may have laser sights and scopes if they have a Picatinny rail system. Certain weapons also need to be converted to support rails, for a small cost. Snipers can have scopes with higher levels of zoom. New attachments, and various types of equipment are expanded upon are added during monthly updates.[3]

System Requirements [4][5][]


CPU: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 GPU with 128MB GRAM+
HD Space: 3.06 GB


CPU: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz, or higher
RAM: 1GB, or higher
Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GT GPU, or higher
HD Space: 3.06 GB

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