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Allied Powers
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Fact Sheet: First Great War[]

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The Allied Powers are the western democracies, principally France, Britain and Greece, however, their holds are all over Europe.

Ideology: To resist Soviet aggression against any first and second world powers. Uphold ideals as defined in the World Association of Nations charter.

Current Titular Leader: General Gunter von Esling, Supreme Commander of Allied forces.

Base of Operations: Headquarters, Unified Operations, London; Northern Theatre, Oslo; Southern Theatre, Madrid.

Military Strength: Enlisted forces number about 3.4 million. Non-regular forces, including guerrilla and resistance forces, about 1.7 million. Armament classified per DEFCOM document 177.4, Allied Defence Regulations.

Economic Strength: Satisfactory. Assets are classified because of the number of governments and currencies.

Political Strength: Not applicable. Currently operates as modified Military Junta.

Affiliation: United Nations.

Allied Weaponry: The Allies have a large variety of weaponry, all of which is detailed in the Intelligence section of this site. These include the Ranger, APC, Light & Medium Tanks, Artillery, Gunboats, Destroyers, Cruisers, Longbow Helicopters, Rocket Soldiers, Medics and Tanya.

Top Secret: The Allies are researching Nuclear weapons, but are also experimenting in time and space travel with the help of Einstein.