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Alpaca Stacka is a freeware indie 3D adventure platformer exploration collectathon video game developed by Sebastian Baracaldo and Michelle Ma (who also identify as Alpacalypse Studios) and published by Spookulele Games. The game's music was composed by Zafire Dragoon. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows and macOS on July 29, 2021.


In-game screenshot of Paz holding three chicks on her back.

This is a short 3D adventure platformer game where the player controls an alpaca named Paz, who is dedicated to helping Mama Hen. The main goal of the game is to explore the island to collect Mama Hen's lost chicks. The level design lets the player explore while giving clues to guide them.

There is an in-game map the player can use and it shows off the different locations on the island. On the side, there is a list of objectives which tells to find the five different chicks. The player needs to simply interact with a chick when they get to it and they will stack on the back of Paz. The player can then stack them all on its back in one go or place each individual chick in the pen next to Mama Hen, though the former is favored for speedrunners.


  • Paz: the alpaca and the protagonist of the game, controlled by the player.
  • Mama Hen: the chicken and the mother of the five chicks.
  • Streusel: the squirrel responsible for loosening the chicks from the pen.
  • Choco: the chick who likes to play in the mud.
  • Cheryl: one of the two chicks participating in the apple-eating contest.
  • Cheri: one of the two chicks participating in the apple-eating contest.
  • Chase: the chick who likes to run a lot.
  • Chirpy: the chick who likes to sing.



One day, Paz the alpaca went to visit Mama Hen for a party. At her farm, Paz met her children: Chirpy, Chase, Cheri, Cheryl, and Choco. They were all about to party when Streusel the squirrel appeared. Out of jealousy, Streusel set Mama Hen's chicks on the loose and disappeared, so Paz must help Mama Hen by bringing all her chicks safely home.


After returning all of the chicks home, Mama Hen was relieved and the chicks thanked Paz for all the fun. Streusel saw that they were even happier than before and felt more lonely. Mama Hen saw Streusel and, instead of turning him away, invited him to join the rest of the party. And just like that, Paz, Mama Hen, her chicks, and Streusel all got to celebrate the day together.


The in-game map which also features the list of objectives on the right side.

The walkthrough is very short (normally, it only takes around 5 to 15 minutes), and you will be tasked to find five different chicks, all in five different locations each, then return them to Mama Hen. As you interact with each chick, you will unlock an achievement for each chick, and you will receive an additional achievement for returning them to Mama Hen.

  • Choco: From the spawn area, you must head to the right until you reach a garden. A chick that is running around the garden is Choco. You will then have to interact with Choco to have it ride on your back. This later unlocks the Choco achievement.
  • Cheryl: From the spawn area, you must head to the left and go up the hill. You will then reach a large tree, so you have to approach the tree and shake it by pressing E. Cheryl will fall out of the tree. You have to interact to Cheryl to have it jump on your back. This will unlocks the Cheryl achievement.
  • Cheri: Cheri is in an apple eating contest with Cheryl so it can also be found in a tree. This tree is on the little island which is located in the east side of the map. Approach the tree and shake it to have Cheri fall out of it. Speak to Cheri to unlock the Cheri achievement.
  • Chase: From Mama Hen, you have to turn around so that you are facing away from the chicken coop. In a certain distance, you will see a section with a number of shrubs, then go to this area to find Chase. Interact with Chase and it will challenge you to catch it. Finally, catch it three times to tire it out. Once it is tired, it will jump on your back. This unlocks the Road Runner achievement.
  • Chirpy: Next to where you found Chase, you will see a number of mushrooms leading up to another section of the island. You have to use these mushrooms to reach the peak of the mountain, and on top of the peak is Chirpy. Interact with Chirpy to stack it on Paz. This unlocks the Song Bird achievement.

Once you’ve found all of the lost chicks, the only thing you need to do is return them to the pen that is found next to Mama Hen. Upon depositing the final chick, you will unlock the Back Home achievement, which will 100% the game. You can speak to Mama Hen to unlock the game’s ending.


  • Use the WASD keys to move and move the mouse to look around.
  • Use the left shift key to sprint and the spacebar to jump.
  • Use the E key to talk to animals and shake trees.
  • Use the right click button to emote.
  • Press the tab key to view the map and the esc key to access menus.

System requirements[]

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+ (or later)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core at 2 GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel Graphics 4400 or better


  • Streusel tends to follow the player around the island, although he doesn't really do anything to the player.
  • Choco is the only chick with mud on it. Even though its name derives from the word "chocolate", it's actually mud.
  • Cheryl was the chick who ate the most apples in the apple-eating contest: Cheryl ate 103 while Cheri only ate 24.
  • The entire map is surrounded by invisible barriers, hence it is impossible to cross the water outside the map.
  • Trees and bushes normally have green leaves, but in this game, the leaves are either light pink or canary colored.
  • The game is called "Alpaca Stacka" possibly because of the fact that the alpaca stacks chicks.

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