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Amok (sometimes spelled AMOK, A.M.O.K., A+M+O+K, or A•M•O•K) is an action game for the Sega Saturn in which a robot called "Slambird" is guided through nine different scenarios to complete several objectives. These levels slowly progress through the enemy's complex as you guide the Slambird robot through the levels completing objectives that range in simplicity (e.g. get to certain point, through to objectives such as destroying satellite areas and destroying soldier fleets). The game was not received well, due to difficulty in gameplay, but the game was credited with graphical prowess.


Taking place on the fictional planet Amok, a company war has been raging on for 47 years straight, but upon the forty-seventh year, the combatants had settled a peace treaty and ceased fighting. However, an unknown arms dealer known only as The Bureau is not pleased with the cease-fire and plan to keep the war going by striking the heart of a strong military compound and research center on the island of Loso. By employing the mech-pilot and mercenary Gert Staun, commandeering their latest light ground-sea mech the Slam Bird, do they hope to achieve their ultimate goal.


The first set of levels are taken underwater, and have obstacles and enemies to match the area, including sharks and mines. Progressing further through the game, the scenarios become more into the urban than the rural area (e.g. level 1: underwater - level 8: enemy complex). The first area however is the only area that is a true rural area, as areas after the first are simply desert/dirt areas with mechanical structures (the mechanical structures are found by a metallic flooring surrounding the area). The urban areas are usually part of an objective or contain enemies. The list of levels include:

  • Pre-Level: Underwater
  • Level 1: Wastelands (desert)
  • Level 2: Wastelands (desert)
  • Level 3: City
  • Level 4: Headquarters (City)
  • Level 5: Ocean
  • Level 6: Underwater Base
  • Level 7: Sewers (Enemy Complex)
  • Level 8: Enemy Complex and Final showdown with Svinet 17


The gameplay follows a seek and destroy format, where you must destroy certain structures with a cannon that is attached to the Slambird robot. Enemies such as sharks, enemy robots and structures can only be destroyed with the cannon. However, some enemies can be destroyed by simply walking into or over them, mostly foot soldiers and mines (though it is usually not the best method for destroying mines, as if mines are swam into, the Slambird will endure damage).

Slambird Robot[]

The Slambird Robot can transform into two different modes, although not at free will. The first mode you experience is the underwater mode, with propellers guiding you through the underwater level (Note: there are 3 levels where you use the underwater mode of the Slambird, however one is a secret level). The dominant mode is the walking mode, used to explore the land areas. The two modes are no different in control, except the visual appearance, and that the propeller mode fires torpedoes, instead of missiles, although they both have the same firing speed, damage and firing rate. Missiles, heavy missiles and bombs can also be fired by the robot, and at the end a special power gun is found to fight Svinet 17.


The game contains many different enemy types. These enemies are split into two groups - non-corporation enemies and corporation enemies. The non-corporation enemies are enemies that have not been developed to destroy the robot by the corporation, such as the bat, the steeljaw rat and the huge ant that can be found in the later missions. The corporation enemies are grunts and machines that have been developed to kill the Slambird Robot, these include the "Grunt," "Scuba Grunts," and various robots and flying objects. The final enemy "Svinet 17" Is a robot that you must kill to beat the game, and it is the most powerful of all the enemies and must be killed using the special weapon provided in the last level.


The soundtrack composed by Jesper Kyd features a track for each level, all of which are electronica. Most of the soundtrack is instrumental. However, on one track distorted lyrics can be heard. These are:

  • "Why do you involve yourself with revolutionaries and anarchists?"
  • "In the industrial age people want progress
we give it to them
I even resurrected myself"

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