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Amy Rose
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Basic Information
[[Kazuyuki Hoshino]]
[[Lynn Harris (1993)
Jennifer Douillard (1999-2004)
Lisa Ortiz (2005-2010)
Cindy Robinson (2010-Present)
Taeko Kawata (1998-1999; 2001-present)
Em Motoi (2000)]]
Biographical Information
90cm (2ft 11in)
Personal Information
Sonic the Hedgehog
Dr. Robotnik
Reading tarot cards
driving skills
Good culinary skills

 In her first game appearance, Sonic CD (1993), Amy was introduced and kidnapped by Metal Sonic. Dr. Eggman then used the time stones to set time back on the Little Planet. She had the nickname "Rosy the Rascal" at this point, and was misnamed "Princess Sally" in the Western manuals, and all later games called her Amy. Being a Genesis-era game (though technically a Sega CD game), Sonic CD's plot was minimal. Amy's only personality trait was that she was a big fan of Sonic, and no real reason was given for her kidnapping besides as bait for Sonic. Though Sonic CD was released after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, it was in production at the same time, meaning that Amy has more or less been around as long as Tails.

Amy's first use of the Piko Piko Hammer was in Sonic the Fighters. This game used her "Rosy the Rascal" nickname as well, though it has not been seen since.


In 1998, Sonic Adventure thrust Amy in the spotlight. She is a playable character in the game and uses her weapon of choice, the Piko Piko Hammer, to defend herself during her quest to find the family of a bird that escaped Eggman and crashed into her. Like the other major characters in the series, Amy was redesigned significantly for this game. Her quills were redesigned into short hair being slacked down, and she now wore a red dress and red boots with a white stripe from the top to the toe, and was given green eyes.

She was an important supporting character in Sonic Adventure 2 because she had some of the most prominent roles and was playable in 2-player mode. When Sonic was kept in an island prison, with Tails' help she managed to free him. This happened to be one of the surprisingly many times Amy has saved Sonic rather than the usual opposite.

Amy was playable in Sonic Advance, but unlike the other playable characters, she could not spin and all her attacks had to be triggered.

In Sonic Heroes, Amy leads Team Rose. She represents the team's speed formation. (Like Sonic or Shadow in teams Sonic and Dark) she's accompanied by Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat on a mission to impress Sonic, while Big wants to find his friend Froggy (again), and Cream and Cheese want to find Cheese's sibling, Chocola, all the while inspiring the whole team, cheering her friends on.

Amy has appeared alongside Sonic and the rest of the cast in Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Riders, and so on through the newer games. Her outfits have changed for certain games, such as the one she wears for Sonic Riders. She also appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, in which she had started a fake relationship with a character she made up named Dexter in an attemot to make Sonic jealous. She, like many other characters, has a brief appearance in the DS version of Sonic Colors.

Sonic X[]

Amy was also one of the main characters in Sonic X, an anime series which is the most recent of the Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows; her first ever appearance in a Sonic TV series. In Sonic X, Amy is Sonic's fan, friend, and love interest, although Sonic does not often return her feelings though sometimes he flirts with her. Sometimes, Sonic does show his feelings back to her and he tries to be 'polite' to her . As with her game appearances, her long-term goal is to get him to notice her. She gets mad at Sonic's impatience and aloof attitude, which occasionally are so bad that she is driven to violence. Her personality in the anime is similar to her personality in Sonic Adventure. Ella also teaches Amy some cooking in the series.