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The mad doctor himself

Andross sometimes encounters ... difficulties in his research

Andross is a villain of the first three Star Fox games. Ape-like in appearance, Andross is a mad doctor bent on taking over the Lylat system. Due to his no-doubt crazy biological experimentation, Andross is almost exclusively revealed as a floating disembodied head with two similarly disembodied hands.

Lore states that in the beginning of the franchise, Andross committed crimes against Corneria and was exiled to the planet Venom (Star Fox). There he developed his plans for conquest and revenge, using his mad genius to create biological weapons and gradually move across the system back to Corneria, the seat of power.

Andross has a nephew who flies with Star Wolf, Andrew Oikonny.

At the end of Star Fox Adventures, it is revealed that Andross is the force behind the troubles of Dinosaur Planet.