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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, released in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban 4, is a visual novel video game for the Nintendo DS. It is the fourth video game in the Ace Attorney series.

Apollo Justice is the first game in the series to be developed specifically for the DS as opposed to being a port of a game originally for the Game Boy Advance. As such, the DS' touch screen and microphone features are a fundamental part of Apollo Justice.


Apollo Justice is the first game in the series not to feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, though it is not the first time a different attorney has been playable. A limited edition of the game was made available for the Japanese release on April 12, 2007. It includes branded headphones, a Gyakuten Saiban Dictionary on a DS card, and a series highlights DVD.

Localization title

The new game no longer features Phoenix Wright as the protagonist, as the previous three games did. Capcom's previous naming for the translated games has included the localized name of "Phoenix Wright" as the protagonist in the title for these games. A photo taken from a Nintendo Europe event which included a banner for the game confirmed that the protagonist, Housuke Odoroki, is localized as "Apollo Justice", with the game title being Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. This was confirmed when the English trailer for the game was presented at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show.


Apollo Justice
The new protagonist of the series, he is a young attorney with "a passionate heart burning red." He is 22 years old and can point out lies by examining body language through the Perceive system.

Trucy Wright
Apollo's assistant, and Phoenix's adopted daughter. She is a magician who shares the gift that Apollo possesses and acts as Apollo's assistant and co-council.

Klavier Gavin
The new prosecutor. He became a prosecutor at the age of 17. He is the lead vocalist in the band "The Gavinners."

Phoenix Wright
The former protagonist of the series. He now plays piano and poker in a Russian restaurant called the Borscht Bowl Club, in addition to owning a talent agency.

Kristoph Gavin
Apollo's mentor and Phoenix's good friend, he is the brother of the game's main prosecutor, Klavier Gavin. Described as "always smiling."

Ema Skye
Scientific investigator who first appeared in the original "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". Somewhat bored with her life, she assists Apollo and Trucy if the situation will give her an excuse to use forensics.