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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (Arc the Lad: Seirei no Tasogare "アークザラッド 精霊の黄昏" in Japan) is the first of two Arc the Lad games for the PlayStation 2, the second being Arc the Lad: End of Darkness. The game was rereleased in Japan as a premium box set. It came out in North America under the title Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, but when released in Europe the title was renamed Arc: Twilight of the Spirits. The music for the game was composed by Koji Sakurai, Takayuki Hattori, Yuko Fukushima, Masahiro Andoh, and Takashi Harada.


For generations, the humans and Deimos have lived separately, only having one thing in common: both races depend on Spirit Stones. Each race mines the stones, occasionally fighting over the resource. There are five Great Spirit Stones (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Light) and anyone who possesses all of them will gain unimaginable power.

In the present, a human army is sweeping over the world, searching for these stones. However, the Spirits in the stones forbid this and entrust the future of the world into two heroes: Kharg, a noble human, and Darc, a lowly slave in the Deimos world, are chosen by fate to save the world.

The Deimos and humans must either join together to save the world or let their hatred consume it in darkness.

Main characters[]


  • Kharg: Kharg seeks out to help all humans and destroy all the Deimos, though he discovers that he's actually part Human and part Deimos. He despises the Deimos for the pain they caused his hometown and race. His rival is his fraternal twin brother, Darc. Due to their ancestry, both he and Darc are the only units capable of both Techniques (Human moves) and Magic (Deimos attacks). He wields a two-edged sword and his ultimate attack is Windblade Fury, which generates damaging air blades around him and shreds enemies within a certain radius. In the Black Abyss, Kharg faces a Meshimgen monster disguised as his mother, Nafia, who urges him to lay down his sword and stop fighting.
  • Paulette: Paulette is the daughter of Lloyd, who is killed by the Lupine Deimos, Volk, in retaliation for the death of his wife and child, and as such he becomes her rival. She wields a sling knife and her ultimate attack is Heat Cyclone, which generates a blistering twister of fire to burn the enemy within the AOE. In the Black Abyss, Paulette faces a Meshimgen in the image of Lloyd who chides her for not avenging him and making peace with the Deimos.
  • Maru: Maru is a mischievous orphan Kharg found in a Forest. His true name is Yumalnoh. He has no real grudge against any member of the Deimos party and has romantic feelings for Bebedora. He wields a bow and arrow and his ultimate attack, Great Hunter, shoots an airship out of the sky and sends it crashing down on the enemy for AOE damage. In the Black Abyss, Maru faces a Meshimgen who takes the form of his cousin, Foh.
  • Ganz: Ganz is a former mercenary during the war. He now seeks solitude in the forest. He joins the party after he helps Kharg and his party drive the Dilzweld away from his home. His old war buddy, Rapier, was killed near Orcoth, which makes Delma his rival. He wields a heavy axe and his ultimate attack is Titan Grenade, which causes a huge explosion, damaging the enemy within its AOE. In the Black Abyss, Ganz faces a Meshimgen in the likeness of Rapier.
  • Tatjana: Tatjana is a former Dilzweld colonel lieutenant and scientist. She left the rule of Emperor Darkham after he left her for dead. She is rescued by Kharg from a group of bloodthirsty Lakelta Deimos. She experimented on Camellia with the Earth Stone, leaving her in her current emaciated state, and is her rival. Her weapon is an optical gun that doubles as a healing device. Her ultimate attack is Sigma Storm, a powerful light-based AOE skill. In the Black Abyss, Tatjana is confronted by a Meshimgen in the image of Emperor Darkham who angrily accuses her of betrayal.
  • Lilia: Lilia is a brave girl who believes in peace. Unfortunately, she possesses the Great Spirit Stone of Light and is also a "Friend of the Spirits" and is constantly being chased and kidnapped by the Dilzweld army because of it. She is not playable, and only appears in battle twice: Once as the subject of an escort mission in Dragon Bone Valley and again when she and Darc go to the Cave of Truth on Cragh Island.
  • Samson: Samson is a gun-slinging bandit and father to Lilia, who harasses the Dilzweld army and is a semi-playable character, fighting along Kharg and the AI-controlled Darc in the Cave of Truth. In an attempt on Darkham's life, he is killed by a Dilzweld soldier who also falls in the process. He wields dual revolvers in battle and possesses several light-elemental skills, but doesn't stick around long enough to have an ultimate attack.

Diekbeck: Diekbeck is an optional character that can be obtained at Cathena by winning the 20-round tournament with Kharg's team. This must be done before facing Darkham at Maluise Tower, as he destroys Cathena at this point. Diekbeck attacks with his built in weapons including a gun turret and flamethrower among other things. His ultimate attack is Diek Break, a mighty AOE strike that costs a massive amount of Spirit Stones and deals massive damage.


  • Darc: Darc grew up as the slave of a toad-like Deimos named Geedo, but she eventually betrays him and Darc kills her, gaining his freedom. Darc aspires to "save the Deimos" as his late father commanded in death. To accomplish this, he seeks domination over all Deimos and the extinction of humanity to make the world safe for the Deimos. He wields a single-edged sword he took from the fallen human mercenary Rapier in the Church Ruins. Like Kharg, Darc is one of the only units capable of both Techniques and Magic attacks, due to his heritage. His ultimate attack is Air Blade, a massive destructive tornado that causes wind damage within its AOE. In the Black Abyss, Darc battles a Meshimgen who takes the form of his father, Windalf, and tells him he's not up to the task of saving the Deimos.
  • Delma: Delma is a female Orcon and sister of Densimo who is initially disdainful of Darc, but comes to respect him. After Darc kills Densimo in self-defense, she swears to kill Darc. After being imprisoned beneath Orcoth, she eventually rejoins him, only to make an unsuccessful attempt on his life. Despite this, he forgives her, and the romantic feelings she harbored for him grew, though she still insisted she would kill him one day. Her rival is Ganz, due to his hatred of Orcon. In battle she wields a metal claw from the corpse of Ludhi. Her ultimate attack is Explosion, a fiery blast that causes AOE damage. In the Black Abyss, Delma squares off with a Meshimgen looking like Densimo who asks incredulously why she won't kill Darc and avenge him.
  • Volk: Volk's unarmed family was murdered by Paulette's father, Lloyd, who Volk in turn kills, and he declares a blood oath against humanity. After being narrowly bested in combat by Darc, he joins him out of respect and because it will help him destroy more humans than he ever could as a "lone wolf". His rival is, of course, Paulette. He wields an unusual axe-like weapon in battle. His ultimate attack is Diamond Dust, an extremely powerful ice-based AOE attack. In the Black Abyss, Volk faces a Meshimgen who takes on the appearance of his wife and son and tells him to leave these humans and other Deimos and come back with them.
  • Camellia: Darc and his party first encounter her as the power source for the Argevault, a cruel device that combines Dilzweld technology with the life force of Deimos and uses them as a mechanized weapon. Having defeated the metal monstrosity, she joins Darc's group, despite Volk and Delma's protests. At this point, she is aged and withered, but re-exposes herself to the Earth Stone-powered device that initially mutated her and is transformed back into the beautiful Pianta Deimos that she was prior to Tatjana's experiment on her. Despite the scientist's passive disdain for her, Camellia considers Tatjana her rival. In battle she wields a flower blowgun. Her ultimate attack is Meteor Fall, an earth-based AOE that transports the enemy into space and pounds them viciously with meteorites. In the Black Abyss, Camellia is haunted by a Meshimgen that appears as an apparition of her old withered self telling her that this is her inescapable future.
  • Bebedora: Bebedora is not a Deimos, but a monster created by the Divine Ruler. Bebedora assumed control over two Dilzweld soldiers and then two Skeleton Warriors to attack Darc's group after they are abandoned by the treacherous Camellia. After her "puppets" are vanquished by the Deimos, she joins them. She has no real grudge against humans. Quite the contrary. She shows romantic feelings for her counterpart in the human party, Maru, who is one of the few people who seems to understand her. In battle her stuffed rabbit acts as her proxy on offense. Her ultimate attack is Dark Extreme, an AOE attack that torments the enemy in a prison of Dark energy. In the Black Abyss, Bebedora fights a Meshimgen in the image of... herself, telling her that's she's just a puppet and will never be truly free.
  • Densimo: Densimo is a semi-playable character and brother of Delma. Densimo joins Darc initially, only to betray him later and devour his Firble. Afterward Densimo is a boss and heads up the attack against Darc, along with Geedo and two Drakyr. Darc kills Densimo and his allies in the struggle. In battle Densimo fights unarmed with shoulder tackles. Being only semi-playable, he lacks an ultimate attack or a proper rival, though it could be said that he's the Deimos' equivalent of Samson.

Choco: Choco is an optional character that can be obtained at Rueloon by winning the 30-round tournament with Darc's team. This can be accomplished any time between reaching Rueloon after getting the Pyron and before entering the Flying Castle with Darc. In battle she attacks with punch and kick combos. Her ultimate attacks are Dark Extreme, an AOE attack that torments the enemy in a prison of Dark energy, and Thunder Storm, a powerful light-based AOE spell similar to Tatjana's Sigma Storm.


  • Divine Ruler/Lord of the Black Abyss: The Divine Ruler/Lord of the Black Abyss is disguised throughout the game as a human explorer named Zev, only to reveal himself after the human and Deimos parties battle at Maluise Tower. He then absorbs the Great Spirit Stones' energy and Lilia's energy and becomes a grotesque eyeball monster with veins and tentacles extending throughout the room he inhabits. He is defeated by the combined party with the aid of the souls of Arc and Kukuru from Arc the Lad.
  • Emperor Darkham: Darkham was once a fief lord who appealed to the World Alliance for help when the Deimos were marching on Dilzweld. While they deliberated endlessly Dilzweld was mercilessly sacked by the Deimos forces. In anger, Darkham broke with the world nation and rose to power from the ashes of the old republic, converting Dilzweld into an autocratic military state and eventually an empire. He seeks the Great Spirit Stones to bring back the Flying Castle and destroy the Deimos, though he first turns in on the World Alliance HQ in Cathena, obliterating the city. He is defeated by the human party and tells them his story. He is then overtaken with guilt, and before jumping off Maluise Tower to his death, he asks Kharg to destroy the Deimos to make the world safe for the humans.
  • Droguza/Demon Droguza: Droguza is an altered Deimos who has been programmed by Darkham to believe he is the last surviving member of the Niente tribe alongside other falsehoods. He has gathered groups of wayward long Drakyr and made them into his own private army in his quest for the Great Spirit Stones, which he plans to use to resurrect the Niente Tribe. After absorbing the power of four of the five Great Spirit Stones while the fifth one is an artificially manufactured Wind Stone. Instead of transforming him into the Ultimate Deimos, it turns him into a monstrous abomination identified as "Demon Droguza". The beast is defeated by Darc and his party, and in death he finds the presence of mind to beseech Darc to avenge him by destroying the humans.
  • Geedo: Geedo is a member of an unnamed toad-ish Deimos tribe. She adopted Darc as a young boy lying half dead on the streets of Orcoth. She raised him with cruelty and physical abuse, but despite this, he still feels some loyalty to her until she betrays him later. She controls Darc with a choke collar that she can activate with magic. She appears as a boss in the Church Ruins alongside Densimo and two Drakyr.
  • Meshimgens: Dark beings that resemble a bright red Komodo dragon. They fight alongside the Lilia Getman boss, who spawns an endless supply of them in battle and prior to that, they disguise themselves as embodiments of the characters' friends or family and attempt to cause them to drown in the darkness of the Black Abyss.

Deimos tribes[]

The Deimos are divided into a number of tribes:

  • Drakyr: Drakyr are dragon people, though due to the fact that many have hair and can interbreed with humans suggests some mammalian characteristics as well. Drakyr have wings and tails coming out of the middle of their back and most, if not all, have some mastery over wind magic. Their home city is Drakyrnia. Notable Drakyr include the clan of Will. Its known surviving members include Williwo, Darc's grandfather, and Darc himself. Deceased members include Darc and Kharg's father, Windalf.
  • Orcon: Orcon are horned, humanoid, mammalian Deimos with a variety of skin colors ranging from various shades of blue and green to red and even peach tones like those of Caucasian humans. Orcon have tails similar to those of a Drakyr. Orcon have access to a decent variety of magic attacks, but they seem to specialize in fire magic. Notable Orcon include Delma, Densimo, Gorma, and Zoram and Zugalo, Densimo's former henchmen who serve Darc after their old boss' death at his hands. Their home city is Orcoth. Orcon appear as enemies in Orcoth's arena and Asheeda Forest.
  • Lupine: Lupine are anthropomorphic wolf Deimos. Lupine have tails extending from the base of their backs. Few Lupine are seen in the game, though it's known that they live in packs, ruled by an alpha leader. The only Lupines to appear in the game are Volk and his wife and son. They do not appear as enemies at any point.
  • Pianta: Pianta are humanoid plant Deimos. The only Pianta to appear in-game is Camellia the Pianta sage. It is implied in several places that the Pianta have been driven to or near extinction by the actions of the Dilzweld. Pianta never appear as enemies.
  • Coelopt: Coelopt are insect-like Deimos that serve their mighty queen, Selkis, unquestioningly. They can spew a crippling fluid that greatly weakens their foes. Their home city is the Coelopt Shrine. Coelopt appear as enemies in the Coelopt Shrine and Rueloon's arena. The only notable Coelopt is Selkis, who the Deimos face as a boss to obtain the Water Stone.
  • Lakelta: Lakelta are red lizard Deimos that live in magma. Kharg's party fights their way through a number of them in their mission to obtain the Fire Stone. Three giant Lakelta Brothers attack Tatjana in the volcano and Kharg's party face them as bosses.
  • Niente: Niente are anthropomorphic horse Deimos. The Niente have all been wiped out, but many of their souls now inhabit the bodies of the undead in the deserts of the Dilzweld empire. The only pure, living Niente are found in specimen tanks aboard the Megist. Droguza's body is primarily that of a Niente and he appears as a boss many times throughout Darc's storyline. In addition, both parties face undead enemies that contain Niente souls, most notably the Mummies.
  • Slothians: Slothians are diminutive sloth-like Deimos. They are nearly identical in appearance with the Hemo-jii enemies from past Arc the Lad games and are presumably descendants of the Deimos. Slothians live in peace with humans on Cragh Island, but the savage "Wild Slothians" who bear a different coloration than their peaceful counterparts appear as enemies throughout the game.
  • Quorup: Quorup are lizard-like Deimos. All Quorup are either healers or merchants and can be found basically anywhere other Deimos are found. They do not appear as enemies.
  • Canidae: Canidae are coyote-like deimos that inhabit the city of Rueloon. They have nothing to do with the plot, but appear as opponents in the Rueloon Arena.
  • Geedo's Tribe (Toads): Darc's cruel former slave-mistress. Geedo is a member of an unnamed toad-like Deimos tribe. She is the only one to appear in-game and is fought as a boss alongside Densimo and two Drakyr.
  • Balar: Balar are flightless bird Deimos that appear to be the primary inhabitants of Rueloon. They play little role in the story. They are fought as opponents in the Rueloon arena and wield spears in battle.
  • Altered Deimos: Altered Deimos are Dilzweld experiments that appear primarily to be hybrids of Orcon and Balar. Altered Deimos appear as enemies on the Megist.
  • Lesser Deimos: Minor Deimos tribes that include the ogres and "lackey demons." They seem to have somewhat diminished intelligence compared to other Deimos and are often savage barbarians, attacking random passersby. Some, however, seem to be relatively peaceable, as ogres live alongside the Orcon, Canidae, Balar, and Quorup in Rueloon. Lesser Deimos appear frequently as enemies throughout the second half of the game.

Voice actors[]

  • Quinton Flynn: Kharg
  • Carlos Alazraqui: Darc
  • Grey Delisle: Lilia
  • Jill Talley: Paulette
  • Jennifer Hale: Delma
  • Danny Cooksey: Maru
  • Dee Bradley Baker: Densimo
  • Steve Kehela: Ganz
  • Steven Jay Blum: Volk
  • B.J. Ward: Camellia
  • Cree Summer: Tatjana
  • Debi Derryberry: Bebedora
  • Gregg Berger: Samson
  • Gabrielle Carteris: Nafia
  • Nick Guest: Windalf
  • Mitzi McCall: Geedo
  • James Horan: Darkham
  • Paul Lukather: Zev
  • Nick Jameson: Lloyd
  • John Cygan: Droguza
  • Susanne Blakeslee: Selkis
  • Michael Bell: Diekbeck
  • Kath Soucie: Choco
  • Richard McGonagle: Lord of the Black Abyss
  • Ririka Miki: Baby

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