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Arcana Heart 3 (アルカナハート3 Arukana Hāto Surī?) is a 2D arcade fighting game developed by Examu (formerly Yuki Enterprise) and published by Arc System Works. It is the third entry in the Arcana Heart series, following the events after Arcana Heart 2. The game went through location tests in Japan towards the end of 2009 and was officially released in December 2009. An official PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release is then announced in Famitsu and stated to be released in January 13, 2011.[1][2]


The game's setting takes place in a fictional, somewhat futuristic Japan combined with fantasy elements. In the previous game, Arcana Heart 2, a dimensional distortion occurred in the country's Kanto region, caused by the primordial being known as Angelia Avallone. This event came to be known as the "Great Kanto Incident." The international Holy Spirit Institutions suffered harshly after the "Great Kanto Incident," but restoration has begun and about two months have elapsed.

In this time, a family had received technical assistance during the war in Europe. Now the family has created "The Drexler Institution" to resume its activities around the world. The Drexler Institution was hiding in Japan. Western Europe was devastated by the Office of the Holy Spirit led by Mildred who had since defected. The West Branch of the Holy Spirit Rosenberg Agency had to be completely reconstituted.

Shortly thereafter, a large number of dimensional distortions were observed throughout Japan. "Drexler" is a little unusual and unnatural with its authority behind the scenes too. Japan has embarked on a convergence of the Holy Office to gain control of the situation. They are looking closely into part of an area in Japan that educates several "Maidens". A "Maiden" has begun her activities from the branch in Rosenberg. This newcomer has been given the ability of a "Maiden". With the authority acquired from Drexler, a major order has been given to sink the entirety of Japan after six days.


Arcana Heart 3 continues the series' usage of Arcana, or celestial beings based on the characters from the Tarot. Who each have their own unique powers, to augment the abilities of 23 female characters. The game adds a Force Gauge to the fight system. When completely filled, the Force Gauge allows the player to perform an Extend Force, a maneuver similar to the Arcana Burst from earlier games. The game also adds a "Simple Mode" which simplifies the control layout into a single button for each major function: one button for normal attacks, one button for special moves, one button for moves involving Arcana, and one button for the game's Homing Dash ability.

The console version of Arcana Heart 3 has a fully voiced story mode and HD anime graphics for super moves. It also includes the usual training mode, score attack, and online play.


Weiß (Weiss)[]


Nationality: Japan

Location: School Dormitory, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Rosenberg

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 155 cm

Weight:44 kg

Three size: 74/54/79

Blood Type: O

Affiliation: Unit two years gakuen'naka Rosenberg

Favourite subject: A set of Combat

Weak subject: Non-combat subject

Weiß (ヴァイス Vaisu?) is the main character of the game. A girl working in a secret company named "Valkyria", a branch of the Drexler Institute. She is sent to investigate the cause of the catastrophe that is happening around, and to stand on one's own. Little is known about her.

Gottfried (Sword)[]

An artificial Arcana called a Geist. Drexler has developed an armored Holy Spirit inspired by the Norse war god Tyr.


After went to amusement park with Eko and Petra, Weiss learn how to bake a cake together with Heart. She wants to give the cake to Scharlachrot. After learning the process, she ask Heart about the relationship between her and Scharlachrot, she explain that Scharlachrot always by her side every time she needs her,to her she's closer than just a friend or a best friend. She ask Heart what should she calls that relationship. Heart answer that relationship is called a "family". After knowing that she thanked Heart

Eko and Kaz[]


Nationality: Japan

Location: School Dormitory, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Rosenberg

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 101 cm

Weight: 16 kg

Three size: 49/47/53

Affiliation: Part cherry seedlings Rosenberg private school

Favourite subject: Set Oekaki

Weak Subject: Unknown

Seiyū: Ayumi Tsuji (Eko), Yoshimasa Hosoya (Kaz) Eko (えこ Eko?) is a girl who has the unique ability to move energy into something so that it can move on its own, which she mainly focuses into drawings. She shares a mutually dependent relationship with her "brother," Kaz (かず Kazu?), which resembles a large child's drawing. Since Petra had destroyed some of these "protection organizations", not much was known of Eko after that. She does seem to want to find Petra so that they can draw and play together.

Saligrama (Luck)[]

Eko's Arcana, which resembles a spirit with a dice inside.


Eko tell Weiss that she wants to go to the amusement park, Weiss then ask Petra if she can go with Eko to the amusement park. Petra give permission with one condition: Kaz must stay in the campus. After that Eko, Weiss, and Petra go to the amusement park

Heart Aino[]

  • Seiyū: Mikako Takahashi

The returning main character of Arcana Heart and Arcana Heart 2, Heart Aino (愛乃はぁと Aino Hāto?) is a normal high school student who possesses one of the post powerful arcana, Partinias. She is currently investigating more about the Drexler Institute and stop their plans to destroy Japan.

Partinias (Love)[]

Heart's Arcana, an arcana who resembles an angel has two pairs of wings and can manipulate light. She is Heart's partner and friend.

Saki Tsuzura[]

  • Seiyū: Yumi Shimura

Another returning Character from Arcana Heart and Arcana Heart 2, Saki Tsuzura (廿楽冴姫 Tsuzura Saki?) is Heart's Childhood friend from Britain who has a sad painful experience of losing a past best friend. She joins Heart on investigating the Drexler Institute along with her Arcana, Bhanri.

Bhanri (Thunder)[]

Saki's Arcana, it resembles a woman trapped in a giant crystal and can manipulate Lighting.

Kamui Tokinomiya[]

Anutpada (Time)[]


Moriomoto (Nature)[]

Maori Kasuga[]

Ohstuchi (Earth)[]


Lang-Gong (Fire)[]

Lilica Felchenerow[]

Tempestas (Wind)[]

Lieselotte Achenbach[]

Gier (Shadow)[]

Yoriko Yasuzumi[]

Dieu Morth (Death)[]

Kira Daidohji[]

  • Seiyū: Hiromi Tsunakake

Returning Character of Arcana Heart 1 and 2. Kira Daidohji (大道寺 きら Daidōji Kira ?) is a young girl who fights using a water blob which she controls through her Arcana. She is a genius child who wished to go to a medical school due to her doctor's degree, but failed and got sent back to kindergarten. after failing kindergarten again, she turned to world domination for unknown reasons. In the events of the game, she is invited by the Rosenberg branch to monitor spirit disasters in Japan.

Niptra (Water)[]

Fiona Mayfield[]

Orichalkos (Metal)[]

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist[]

Zilrael (Holy)[]

Catherine Kyohbashi[]

Median (Magnetism)[]

Zenia Valov[]

Almacia (Ice)[]

Dorothy Albright[]

Heliogabalus (Mirror)[]

Elsa La Conti[]

Koshmar (Punishment)[]

Clarice Di Lanza[]

Sorwat (Sin)[]

Angelia Avallone[]

Mildred (Halo)[]

Nazuna Inuwaka[]

  • Seiyū: Mai Hashimoto

Returning Character of Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2, Nazuna Inuwaka (犬若なずな Nazuna Inuwaka?) is the younger sister of Akane. Nazuna seeks to find her own destiny outside of the Inukawa clan and to prove herself, goes off to find out more about the Drexler Institute's recent movements.

Kayatsuhine (Flower)[]

Akane Inuwaka[]

Fenecs (Sound)[]


  • Seiyū: Yuki Matsuoka

The mid boss character of the game. Scharlachrot (シャルラッハロート Sharuraharotto?) is also one of the young girls trained by the Drexler Institute, much like Weiß. However, Scharlachrot stands against her in an extremely obsessive manner bordering on dependence. After the organization was taken down by Petra, Scharlachrot went missing. However, she reappears in order to oppose Weiß and the rest of the cast.

Baldr (Fang)[]

An artificial Arcana called a Geist. The Drexler Institute based Baldur on Fenrir, the massive wolf from Norse mythology. It also shares the same name as the Norse god of light and beauty.


The final boss of the game, Ragnarok is the ultimate creation of the Drexler Institute. A giant Artificial Arcana created to resemble Gottfried. Due to its huge size, its powers were beyond the usual Arcana.


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