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From the veteran Arcade designers who created games like RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR, ARCHRIVALS and GENERAL CHAOS, ARCTIC STUD POKER RUN is an outrageous, action-packed Full-Contact Poker game that uses heavily-armed, high-speed vehicles in a revolutionary Multi-Player Battle experience that must be seen to be believed! [1]

Not Only is the game a madcap arcade-style Free-for-all that combines armed combat and off-road racing with the risk of high-stakes Poker, a single play reveals an intensely addictive, mentally stimulating thrill ride full of limitless strategy, nuance, and depth.

Players can use high-powered vehicles to rush out and grab any card they see, use machine guns, dynamite & heat-seeking-missiles to steal opponents cards, put a Bounty on the head of troublesome adversaries, short, use trickery, intimidation, bravado, deceit, speed, stealth and brute force to bankrupt their opponents and win the $100,000 EvilBrau Tournament!

Each Sled is equipped with Chassis-Mounted Machine Guns, heat-Seeking Missiles and a Speed Enhancing Turbo Booster. In addition, the following auxiliary Weapons and Upgrades have now been approved for use: Dynamite, Dual Chainguns, Toxic Sludge, Turbo After-Burners, Snowplow Armor and of course, Snowballs. (Violent Player-to-Player confrontation is, as always, greatly discouraged… except when absolutely necessary.)

In addition to over a 125 detailed levels, dozens of unique characters, and a hilarious backstory ripped from the pages of the dread Velcronomicon, Arctic Stud has a gameplay mechanic that's so unique, its patented!

== FEATURES: Single player, Multi-player, and Tournament Elimination modes

36 playable characters.

128 "Open", Cross-country levels spanning 81 square miles!

Cash-based tournament scoring perfect for LAN Parties!

Player-to-Player bounty system lets you form alliances!

Players with varying skill sets compete effectively!

Big Hand Possible feature tells you best available hands before the round begins!

Auto Card Swap feature means you don't even have to know how to play Poker!

Keyboard, mouse and XBOX360 gamepad support.

Countless player-selectable Gameplay-option combinations including: Open-Hand Events, Blind Runs, Mystery Runs, Dealers Choice, Jokers' Wild, Kamikazi Goblins, Toxic Sludge Bathing, Teleportation, Snowplow Armor, Gatling Guns, Turbo Superchargers, Bounties, Wild Bears, Dynamic Cameras, Spellcasting, Demonic Invocation, and much, much more! ==


  • Published by Game Refuge Inc. in the USA on February 16, 2007

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{{You can watch the Official Arctic Stud Poker Run Trailer on You Tube [2], or, better still, Download a FREE Arctic Stud Game DEMO by visiting the official website: [3]}}