Codex Gamicus


Game Series Devil May Cry series
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3
Alter Ego: Jester
Affiliation: Vergil (formerly)
Species: Cambion (selfmade)
Gender: Male
Family: Lady (Daughter)
Power: Cambion Powers
Fighting Style: Presumably Trickster
Weapon(s): Magic Wand

Demonic Book

Skill(s): Research , Hakuda
Trademark: Heterochronogetic , Bald

"  Welcome to hell!  " - As Jester


Arkham is a selfmade cambion obsessed with obtaining the power of sparda and ruling both worlds.

Physical Description[]

As Arkham , he is a subtle looking bald man with a yet serious expression, He has a demonic tattoo o

as Jester

n the left side of his head which pulsates. He and his daughter are both heterochronogetic. He has a pseudo appearance of a preacher which is ironic to his demonic personality.

As Jester he has pale white skin , an abnormally large nose , long red finger nails and is once again heterochronogetic and has the outfit of a medieval clown as the name suggests.

His assigned colour is purple.


Arkham has displayed an array of contrast personalities - he was compassionate to Lady , mischevious to Dante (as Jester) and stern to Vergil.

His real personality is of being stern and he is maniacal is his quest for domination.

Appearance in video games[]

Devil May Cry 3

Appearance in other media[]

The Devil May Cry Manga