Codex Gamicus

Basic Information

In video gaming, Armor is the physical clothing and protection that a player's character(s) wear within the game. Armor may provide protection, or may simply have cosmetic effects pleasing to the player, or for specific situations within the game world.

Different classes of character historically use different types of armor:

  • Mages, Wizards, Sorcerers, and other classes of that ilk typically use cloth or robes, as their attacks are often ranged, and should have little need in ideal circumstances to wear heavy protection.
  • Rogues, Rangers, Thieves, and other classes of that ilk typically use leather armor; lighter armor would offer insufficient protection against melee attacks, while heavier armor would curb their movement ability, and for stealthed characters, even risks giving away their location. Some characters may wear Mail armor for additional protection.
  • Warriors, Paladins, and other classes of that ilk typically use mail or plate armor for protection against sustained close-quarters combat; any other protection would not be sufficient for the survival of the player.