Codex Gamicus
Armor Class
Basic Information

There are usually nine different types of armor in Dungeons & Dragons-based games. The higher the AC value of the armor, the better protection it offers against attacks. However, good protection comes at a cost; arcane spellcasters risk spell failure whenever attempting to cast spells while wearing armor.


AC 0[]

Piecemeal or complete armors of this grade are meager protection, no better than garments made of cloth or even rags.

Light Armor[]

AC 1[]

Protection equivalent to padded cloth.

AC 2[]

Protection equivalent to hardened leather.

AC 3[]

Protection equivalent to studded leather or hide.

Medium Armor[]

AC 4[]

Protection equivalent to scale mail.

AC 5[]

Protection equivalent to a suit of chainmail.

Heavy Armor[]

AC 6[]

Protection that is equal to banded or splint mail.

AC 7[]

Protection on par with half-plate.

AC 8[]

Protection equivalent to a suit of full plate armor.

Small Shields[]

AC Bonus +1

When used properly, a small shield can grant lightweight protection with very little encumbrance to the wielder.

Large Shields[]

AC Bonus +2

A large shield is effective protection for the adventurer who can afford the added weight and encumbrance.

Tower Shields[]

AC Bonus +3

The tower shield is a veritable wall of protection, though it can be quite cumbersome to carry on an adventure