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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is the sequel to Army Men 3D. You play Sarge, a green soldier, in their war against the dirty Tans. As Sarge, you'll be gathering up an elite unit to aid the greens in their effort. Not much has changed since the first game. It is now a third-person action shooting game, as opposed to the top-down view from before. You'll still run around shooting up the Tan guys in every level, using a variety of military weapons to defeat them.

These weapons include, but are not limited to your standard rifle, mines, grenades, rocket launchers and the sniper rifle. Each weapon has a time when it will be especially useful, such as when fighting enemy tanks. Speaking of tanks, you, too, can drive one. Ammo is scattered around the level, sometimes hidden so as to make you work for it. However, all your weapons except your default rifle, will disappear at the beginning of every new level. Bummer.

The guns in the game rely on auto-aim. Because of this, some people feel that it is a lot easier than the last game. However, the games poor camera should be a big enough obstacle to get around to provide some challenge.

See Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 for information on the on-going epic saga.

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