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Basic Information
Company Type
Kabushiki gaisha
April 21, 1986
Video game industry
Key People
Tatsuo Nagahama (President)

Artdink (株式会社アートディンク?) is a Japanese developer of console and computer games, currently based in Tsukishima, Tokyo.

By far Artdink's biggest international success was the award-winning A-Train (known in Japan as A Ressha de Ikou, or "Take the A-Train") strategy game released for the PC and Amiga, which was published by SimCity creators Maxis. An NES version was also developed, but it never saw release outside of Japan. Artdink have released several sequels to this game, the most recent being A Ressha de Ikou 2001 for the PlayStation 2.

A few other Artdink titles have seen US and PAL release from various publishers, including Aquanaut's Holiday (Sony), Carnage Heart (Sony), Turnabout (Natsume/Zoo Digital), Tail of the Sun (Sony), AIV Global: Evolution (Sony) and No One Can Stop Mr. Domino (Acclaim/JVC) for the PlayStation. Despite critical acclaim, none of these titles have achieved mainstream success due to their unconventional nature.

Recently the European publisher Midas Interactive has obtained the rights to some of Artdink's PlayStation 2 games and published versions localised in English and other languages in PAL countries. Games released by Midas include Golful Golf (Mr. Golf), The Seed, Buchigire Kongou (Battle Construction Vehicles), and A Ressha de Ikou 6 (A-Train 6).

The company is currently working with CyberConnect2 on .hack//frägment, an online game in the .hack series. Their latest project has been shown in an issue of famitsu. Macross Ace Frontier for the PSP, this is based on the Gundam Battle series game engine.

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