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Asteroids Deluxe is an arcade game released in 1980. It is the arcade sequel to Asteroids, and the game that inspired the creation of Space Duel. It was created to challenge players who have mastered the art of scoring millions on the original game.


It is similar to Asteroids in that you control a small triangular ship that thrusts, rotates, and fires in all directions, shooting at rocks to make them smaller so you can fully destroy them. However, there are some differences:

  • There is the addition of crystals that float onto the screen that, when destroyed, generate pieces that will float right after you until you destroy them completely.
  • Your hyperspace control button is now replaced by a shield which protects you from UFO shots and from asteroid collisions. However, the shield's energy will slowly wear out with use until you complete a screen or your ship is destroyed.
  • The UFOs fire with much more accuracy than in the original game.
  • The player can only store up to 9 extra ships at a time, whereas in the original the player can store up countless numbers of extra ships.


  • Large asteroid—20 points
  • Mid-sized asteroid—50 points
  • Small asteroid—100 points
  • Large crystal—50 points
  • Mid-sized crystal—100 points
  • Small crystal—200 points
  • Large saucer—200 points
  • Small saucer—1000 points