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Astral Tournament is a computer turn-based strategy game released by Apus Software in 2001.[1][2] The goal of the game is to beat the opponent (who can be either computer-controlled or human) in a magic duel, making use of both creatures and spells in order to reduce the opponent's Life Points to zero. A 30-day trial version of the game can be downloaded at the game's official page, and its full version upgrade is worth (US) $14.95. As of 2007, a sequel to Astral Tournament, Spectromancer, was released[3]

Game Menu[]

From the main menu, five options are available:

New Duel Game[]

Starts a new 1 on 1 magic duel, either against a computer-controlled opponent (with five choosable levels of difficulty: Novice, Advanced, Expert, Master and Archmage) or against a human player. Human players can duel using Hot seat mode (two players playing at the same computer), or by internet.


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