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AstroPop is a real-time computer puzzle game developed and published by PopCap Games. Players can play the Macromedia Flash version online for free at several different websites, or a deluxe version can be downloaded and unlocked for a fee. The game can also be found on both the Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the Xbox Live Arcade, where it can be purchased for 800 Microsoft Points. The game has also been ported to cell phones, although the controls are simplified and one of the characters (Vixx) has been omitted.


The object of the game is to clear a certain number of bricks in each level in order to fill up the Brick-O-Meter. Players control a ship which moves horizontally along the bottom of the screen. The ship can grab and release bricks (up to 6 of the same-colored bricks at a time), moving them from one column to another. If the player releases bricks such that 4 of more bricks of the same color are touching, the bricks explode. As bricks explode, the bricks below move up to fill in the gaps. If this causes 4 or more bricks of the same color to meet, they too will automatically explode (referred to as a combo).

New rows of bricks continuously arrive from the top of the screen, at a rate directly proportional to the level of play. The game ends when any column of bricks touches the bottom.


Most reviews of the game indicated that, while somewhat similar to existing offerings, it offered enough new elements to be worth playing. In a review of the Xbox 360 version, TeamXbox concluded that "AstroPop offers enough fun in its gameplay and design to warrant the purchase."[1] This resulted in the title receiving a score of 8.0 out of 10. GameSpot, reviewing the mobile version of the title, felt that it played well and that it "should appeal to virtually every mobile gamer out there", resulting in a score of 8.5 out of 10.[2]


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