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Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty (アシュラブレード?) is a one-on-one fighting arcade game released by Fuuki in 1998, and had a sequel in the game "Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors" released in 2000. The game revolved around a search for the "Sword of Dynasty", a blade believed to be in the possession of the game's final enemy, S. Geist, in a war-torn world. The game series served as Fuuki's first and only attempt at fighting games, and part of their brief stint at arcade game manufacturing. It was followed by a sequel titled Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors.

Characters[edit | edit source]

File:Asura Blade SoD.png
Screenshot of Asura Blade

The game features eight playable characters, and two bosses, but from the game's coding more was planned.

  • Rose Mary: A woman wearing a tight outfit and wielding a demonic sword. She can also attack with demons for short attack bursts, and create a temporary duplicate of the blade. A screenshot of her in the game's arcade flyer shows she was intended to have a long yellow coat at one time, an aspect complete cut from the final game.
  • Lightning: A man wielding twin long blades, and as his name implies has some degree of elemental mastery with them.
  • Alice: An odd girl wielding a book that gives her control over the undead, making her a necromancer of sorts.
  • Yashaoh: A swordsman that wields a broadsword, and appears to be the game's protagonist.
  • Taros: A large golem not unlike Huitzil in that it can form parts of its body into various weapons. His name seems to be a misspelling of Talos, a legendary golem.
  • Zam-B: A strange hunchbacked man that wears a mask and a massive gauntlet that he uses as his primary weapon. He also has the ability to 'vomit' acid onto his opponents in a blob projectile.
  • Goat: Yashaoh's rival, wielding a large black zweihander blade, as well as a spiked mace on a chain he can swing from his other arm.
  • Footee: A female martial artist who uses her feet as her weapon.

Bossess[edit | edit source]

There are the two bosses as well, and both are playable via a code at the vs. screen. However neither have actual endings, as the game will treat you as though you're playing with whatever character you selected beforehand when you beat the game.

  • Curfue: A cigarette smoking man armed with a large pulse rifle that fires a laser beam of variant size, as well as having grenades he can toss at the opponent. He seems to be S. Geist's right hand man.
  • S. Geist: A powerful warlord believed to wield the "Sword of Dynasty", though in the end it is revealed he actually possesses no such blade. The sword he does have though is a massive chain sword not unlike that owned by Janne from the World Heroes series and Ivy Valentine from the Soul Calibur series, giving him incredible range. His plan involved awakening the "Superior Dragon", an aspect of the game that was seemingly cut out entirely.

Dummied Characters[edit | edit source]

There were planned to be four more characters in the game also. Though searching through the game's coding reveals one to be Doppleganger, closer examination reveals this to only have been intended to be the mirror match character you fight in the "Your Shadow" stage, and not a real character.

  • Cerberus: Cerberus was intended to appear as a bonus stage in the stage called "Beast Fight". Though named after the mythical beast the dogs only have two heads and two tails not three, and wear a chain harness on their backs. They attack en masse, with the player scoring points depending on how many they managed to defeat when time was up. This bonus stage ended up retooled and reused in the game's sequel.
  • Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Gold Dragon: Three dragons whose name appears only in the game though the Gold Dragon's sprites appear to have been completed and left in. Judging from its appearance, most of the dragon's body would have been offscreen with the player having to fight its head while it attacked with fire-based attacks. The usage of this character is unknown, though a hidden character called Dragon appears in the game's sequel, only to be a glitch mirror match character. No sprites for the dragon exist in that game either.

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