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Atari is the name of a company that was a pioneer in arcade games and home consoles. They were founded in 1972 by gaming legend Nolan Bushnell. They are responsible for many contributions to the gaming industry, such as Pong, Yar's Revenge, the Atari 2600, Adventure, and E.T.

After the crash of 1983, Atari limped on, but not as successful as other companies like Nintendo. In 1998, the Atari name & license was bought by Hasbro Interactive. In 2000, developer Infogrames bought out Hasbro Interactive. Finally, in 2003, Infogrames cashed in on nostalgia by officially renaming the company Atari. Thus, in some way, Atari still lives on in the industry, though it's not much more than a name.


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