Atari Flashback 2

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Atari Flashback 2
Atari Flashback 2.jpg
Manufacturer Infogrames
Type Console
Release Date July 24, 2005 (NA)
Media Plug and play
Save Format None
Input Options 2 Atari 2600 Joysticks
Special Features
Units Sold
Top Selling Game
Predecessor Atari Flashback
Successor Atari Flashback 3

The Atari Flashback 2 (also called the Atari Flashback 2.0) is a self-contained game console released in 2005. It is a modern Atari 2600 clone system that plays 40 built-in games made for the 2600. Though it has no cartridge slot, the developers have designed its motherboard so that the system can be modified for the addition of a cartridge slot, allowing owners to potentially play other Atari 2600 games on the Flashback 2.

The games featured on the Flashback 2 include: