A gaming-related TV show on the extended cable network, G4, previously known The Screen Savers. On its suface it's a general tech show but once you dive deeper there are a lot of non-tech interviews and talk about silly websites. Some believe it to be a gutted form of the Tech TV show (TSS mentioned above), but is still way better than Arena or Judgement Day could ever be.

Attack of the Show premiered in March of 2005 after being converted from TSS. It was originally hosted by Kevin Pereira and Kevin Rose, with Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran doing various product reviews and segments. Kevin Rose soon left the show, which he apparently intended to ever since the Tech TV/G4 merger. They are currently holding open auditions to find a suitable replacement.

The program is advertised as a games & tech news/variety show, but has basically gone beyond that into some sort of "geek subculture entertainment bonanza", with segments and interviews with the latest internet fad. Many people still criticize the show, but it's really the only show on television (anymore) that would even consider having The Chapman Brothers of Homestar Runner, Jhonen Vasquez of Invader Zim, Tom Fulp of Newgrounds or David Thorpe of Something Awful as guests on their show. The "scene" may not like what they have to offer, but they're the only ones offering anything to the scene anyway.

Regular Segments

  • It Came from ebay - Things the people in the back found for sale on ebay.
  • Gems of the Internet - Sarah Lane shows you a website that she thinks is useful.
  • DVDuesday - Chris Gore of goes over DVD releases of the week.
  • Product Reviews - This is an untitled segment, but often at any point in the show, they'll compare different gadgets (Cameras, MP3 players) and then tell you which one sucks.
  • Frugality - Cheap deals on the internet for tech-related things.
  • First 50 - Kevin Pereira gives you his early impressions on a new release. He didn't like Conker: Live and Reloaded.
  • Thursday LAN Party - A LAN Party where people who registered play a game, who get to play with a special guest (or G4 host if no one is available) during the show. The game is occasionally cut to for a few seconds. Recently changed to "Verizon Broadband Battle LAN Party", because, hey, free money.
  • The Feed - Sarah Lane briefly goes over any tech/geek/weird news today with scripted comments for each. An acquired taste?
  • Live Music Friday - An underground band performs Friday for the "T-Mobile Live Music Friday" at the end of the show.


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