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Attack Of The Zolgear (Galaxian^3: Attack of the Zolgear) is a video game implemented as a conversion kit for Namco's "Theater 6" system, which was used for the 1994 arcade version of Galaxian 3 (which was originally a theme park attraction that debuted in 1990). A sequel to the aforementioned (which also had the subtitle of "Project Dragoon"), this six player game (gameplay for 6 at the same time in this huge 17' x 17' theater) never hit it big like its earlier version. This game used two laser disc players simultaneously for the outer space background, while computer generated graphics were overlaid on top.


In Attack Of The Zolgear, the development of Zol (the satellite of the Mother Planet Exia) awoke the colossal creature Zolgear from its long hibernation underground. Dragoon J2 was ordered to congregate and intercept Zolgear before it devours all life force on the planet.

Attack of the Zolgear is set in the time when space exploration has reached its peak. Humanity has since expanded their presence beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. Around one of the colonies that are part of the current expansion, Exia, there is a moon orbiting around it called Zol. Zol serves as a diplomatic space port of tremendous importance of intergalactic relations, but its gravity is unstable, causing serious problems for spaceships trying to land or take off. Investigations uncovered a gravitational quirk in one of Zol's giant craters, and the search for the source has begun. And the source is found, a horrifying and unspeakable discovery, beneath the crater there is an alien life of unimaginable size — the great threat of humanity — Zolgear. Following its discovery, Zolgear destroys everything on Zol before leaping into space, heading for Exia, with its intent of destroying the colony. Only Dragoon stands in its way and can save the day for Exia: Dragoon J2, more powerful than its precursor, Dragoon, is headed for Exia for the United Galaxy Space Force (UGSF) in a mission to save humanity.

In other media[]

Zolgear appears in later Namco games: in Bounty Hounds, player can fight an infant Zolgear large enough for a man to fight against. In the Japanese RTS game still in production titled New Space Order, player can create a Zolgear as a movable unit (treated as a "planet buster" unit, which can reduce a targeted planet's population to zero) by choosing the Sacred Religious State as your nation.

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