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Aztarac is a scrolling shooter arcade game using vector graphics that was released by Centuri in 1983. You are the commander of an intergalactic race of mutant humans. Your mode of transport a tank and its turret are controlled independently, which allows you to move in one direction while shooting in another. Your mission is to guard various space outposts from hordes of incoming enemy ships. Each level will have several outposts all clustered together in the center. If an enemy ship touches an outpost, then the outpost is destroyed. You can activate a long range scanner by using your second button. This allows you to locate enemies before they get close, this enables you to remove your self from the game and will of course end the life of your gaming platform.

Highest score[]

Dennis Bartlett of Iowa, USA, scored a world record 142,390 points on Aztarac on February 11, 1984.[1]

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