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Backyard Soccer MLS Edition was the first Backyard Sports soccer edition game to include the MLS. It debuted in the year 2001 and grew child popularity to the league. Produced in 2001, the game included the soccer clubs of Tampa Bay Mutiny, Miami Fusion, and FC Dallas (then called the Dallas Burn). This edition of the game did not include Major League Soccer changes beyond 2001.

Pros as Kids[]

Below are the pros as kids and which they represented:.

Brian McBride Columbus Crew
Cobi Jones Los Angeles Galaxy
John Harkes New England Revolution
Mike Petke MetroStars
Ben Olsen D.C. United
Jason Kreis Dallas Burn
Zach Thornton Chicago Fire
Ronald Cerritos San Jose Earthquakes
Preki Kansas City Wizards
Carlos Valderrama Tampa Bay Mutiny
Marcelo Balboa Colorado Rapids
Brandi Chastain
Tiffeny Milbrett
Briana Scurry
Henry Gutierrez Miami Fusion



  • Parks Department Field #7
  • Parks Department Field #8


  • Hillside Glen High
  • Glennmore Ridge High
  • Slough View High


  • Baranshire Prep
  • University State College
  • Smith Tech

World Cup[]

  • Stadio Campaniato
  • Estadio Estupendo
  • Footington Stadium

Off The Wall Tournament[]

  • Pro Sports Arena

Team Options[]


  • D.C. United
  • New England Revolution
  • Miami Fusion FC
  • Metrostars


  • Columbus Crew
  • Chicago Fire
  • Tampa Bay Mutiny
  • Kansas City Wizards


  • Los Angeles Galaxy
  • San Jose Earthquakes
  • Colorado Rapids
  • Dallas Burn

Custom Team Names[]

  • The Rockets
  • The Bombers
  • The Wombats
  • The Melonheads
  • The Hornets
  • The Fishes
  • The Monsters
  • The Boots
  • The Giants
  • The All-Stars


B Division[]

Beginner Division or B Division in the game is when you create your own team and you start out playing the easiest teams in BSL. If you come in the top two of eight in B Division you go on to A Division. It is known for its bronze "B"

A Division[]

Advanced Division is the middle where the so and so teams play each other against. If you come in either 1st or 2nd you then advance to P Division. But if your team comes in either 7th or 8th you get dropped back to B Division. Its logo is a silver "A"

P Division[]

Premier Division or P Division is the highest league in the BSL, where its most excellent teams play each other. The 1st place winner goes on to a World Cup and the 7th and 8th place teams go back to A Division. It is known for its gold "P".

Kids' World Cup[]

If your soccer team wins the P Division league you go to the World Cup. You play against other kids teams from across the globe.

World Cup Squads[]

  • France (Crusty Baguettes)
  • Brazil (Festive Piranhas)
  • Argentina (Goal Scoring Gauchos)
  • Mexico (Los Ochos Maracas)
  • Germany (Flying Zeppelins)
  • Italy (Garlicky Gladiators)
  • Canada (North Polars)
  • Netherlands (Whirling Windmills)
  • Spain (Los Toritos)
  • Cameroon (Dandy Lion Cubs)
  • Japan (Origami Tsunamis)
  • China (Fancy Pandas)
  • Egypt (Funky Pharaohs)
  • Australia (Brick Wallabies)
  • Colombia (Dancing Papagayos)
  • Russia (Cagey Bees)
  • South Korea (Feisty Tigers)
  • Ireland (Pot o' Goals)
  • Peru (Red Hot Llamas)
  • England (Magical Dragons)


  • The BSL seems to be structured after Europe's relegation play, See: Football (soccer) in Europe
  • In your first season "B" Division matches, there are no Major League Soccer teams to play against, but they appear later on in other divisions.
  • In "A" and "P" Divisions, these custom team names are available:
    • Atomic Oysters
    • Awesome Ostriches
    • Crunchy Cookies
    • Peppy Turtles
    • Inky Squids
    • Lucky Ducks
    • Lumpy Gravies
    • Minty Pickles
    • Salty Sea Cows
    • Scrambling Egg Headers
    • Screaming Chihuahuas
    • Sneaky Cheetahs
    • Stinky Pansies
    • Tasty Cheeses
    • Spiffy Penguins
    • Wooly Mammoths
    • Nutty Bananas
    • Kickin' Chickens
    • Ticklish Tornadoes
  • Teams from the Indoor Off-the-Wall Tournament include:
    • Turf Mowers
    • Cherry Pickers
    • Rug Burners
    • Carpet Sweepers
    • Hat Tricksters
  • This is a first Backyard Soccer features the two-player game, plus the keyboard and the gamepad.

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