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Bally Astrocade Logo.png
Bally Astrocade
Manufacturer Midway
Type Console
Release Date 1977 (NA)
Media Cartridge
Save Format None
Input Options 2 Built-In Controllers
Special Features Cartridge Input
Power Switch
RF Output
Power Output
Units Sold
Top Selling Game
Variants None
Competitor(s) None
Predecessor None
Successor None

The Bally Astrocade (originally known as the Bally Home Library Computer and the Bally Professional Arcade) was a game system released in 1977 by Bally, the original parent company for Midway Games. It was later marketed by an Ohio-based company called Astrovision who changed its name to the Astrocade. The console is particularly notable for its very powerful graphics capabilities, and for the difficulty in accessing those capabilities.


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