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Barney Calhoun is an NPC in the games Half-Life and Half-Life 2. He plays a lovable security guard in the Black Mesa Facility. After the disastrous Resonance Cascade, Barney fights his way out of the facility with the help of several fellow scientists.

He appears again in Half-Life 2, working undercover for the resistance. He fights alongside the main character of that game, Gordon Freeman, several times.

Barney facts and trivia[]

  • Barney is really a name for all of the faceless security guards encountered throughout Half-Life. However, in the second expansion pack for Half-Life, Blue Shift, Barney was placed in the lime-light and got a few short missions. After that there was only *one* Barney.
  • Barney(s) were originally to be hostile forces in Half-Life. However, Valve, the game's developer, used one to follow Gordon throughout one of the levels to test out the Barney pathing code. They quickly realized that he was much more fun as an ally than an enemy, and his position within the game's storyline was changed accordingly.