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Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is a game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Gear that is based on The Simpsons.


Bart Simpson, as his heroic identity Bartman, must come to the rescue of his favorite comic book character Radioactive Man, after his sidekick, Fallout Boy, tells him that his mentor has been held captive in the black hole-orbiting prison called the Limbo Zone.


Throughout the four levels, Bart is faced with enemies he has to defeat. He only has five life points, but if he loses one or more of them, they can be restored; this is done by collecting radioactive signs. The player is able to collect lightning icons that give Bart the ability to shoot lightning bolts at enemies. His other weapons are kicking and punching. In addition, Bart must avoid the deadly traps that are scattered at various places throughout the levels.